Buy The Truth And Sell It Not

Probably everyone is aware that we are living in the latter days as described in the Scriptures. I was pondering the verse, “Buy the truth and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding” in Proverbs 23:23. It reminded me of the parable of the ten virgins awaiting the arrival of the Lord. Five of the virgins had the oil within their vessels symbolizing the believers that are filled with the Holy Spirit. The five foolish virgins had no oil and were advised to buy from them that sell; merchants.

There are three categories of people represented:

1. Wise believers with the gift of the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit)

2. Un-wise believers without the gift of the Ruach ha Kodesh

3. Those who sell (merchants).

We know that the Holy Spirit is a free gift from Yah and cannot be purchased. I guess that still doesn’t stop people from trying to sell the gift. According to the parable the 5 wise virgins were ready and went with the Lord at His appearance. The foolish virgins were not ready and weren’t able to enter the marriage feast.

However, what can be ascertained about “those who sell?” I don’t really know. The Lord said that His servants that gave to His household food in due season were blessed Matthew 24:45,46. The Scripture didn’t say anything about His servants selling the spiritual food. However, it was clear that while the foolish virgins were seeking to buy and the merchants were willing to sell (something?), the Master came.

I want to be in the group that was definitely ready! This group had neither the need to try to purchase the free gift nor were they willing to risk their place in the kingdom by selling or giving the oil away.

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4 Responses to Buy The Truth And Sell It Not

  1. anthony i says:

    I found this blog, this morning from the search question,”prepare for Yahushua’s return”. I need to study and learn from you and however your studying with. I read up to the post on valentines day, I agree, at that point I did come straight to the end to find a way to contact you. Will I find more of this sort of teaching at i will go look, but i still want to fellowsip if this is possible, i feel to learn the feast days, is very necessary, it seems to me as if this will put us where, “physically” where, we need to be, for protected, during and through the destruction of the evil system. I would like to know your thoughts on this, if any? thanks for the shared wisdom here, Shalom.
    Anthony I

    • lastwordgal says:

      Hi Anthony,
      Welcome to Yahushua Returns. I’m not really a teacher as you can tell from the “About Me” page. I just post topics about items that the Master has shown me a little bit about. The more I learn and put into practice, the more He shows me. I am convinced that we are living in the end times because of certain spiritual markers and dreams that I and others have had. I believe that this is why we are getting clearer revelation of the scriptures. The Master is cleansing His Temple at this time.


  2. anthonyI says:

    Shalom, I do understand the part of buying and not selling the oil, and want to also fall into this category, and the catagory of freely giving to all, what Yah has given to me, so freely I must give. To not point to the door is not my place, this would fall into the catagory of the pharisies and hiding the door from Yah’s people? And I’m not the one who provides the oil, but yet I’m responsible to point others to the one who does. But yet I can’t give the oil away, only Yahuwah can fill the lamps. And maybe their is just a point when showing the door to others will not be enough, repentance and letting YAH search our hearts has also been something I go through over and over. It does seem as if it will be simply to late to help others at some point. It takes a want and personal effort and time, to get to know someone and to let them get to know you inside. Truely being honest about the good and the bad, and asking for healing, strength, wisdom and uderstanding, in this relationship for sure. And we need so many other gifts, it takes time to develope them and to develope a relationship with His Ruach, to hear Him. Yes I believe there will be a time when it will do no good to try to help others, it will be simply too late for anything we can say that will help them, in a moments notice. And this scriptures you quote, also possibly suggests, the catagory of merchants, will also still be somewhere, still selling, and may be totally unaware or Messiah’s soon return? Thanks for sharing the food for though and your heart, it is nice to read your thoughts and concerns, Shalom

    • lastwordgal says:

      Shalom. I wrote a blog post entitled “How Do We Really Get Saved” about a week ago. In the blog post I spoke about how people are going out trying to introduce people to a Savior, but that may not be the scriptural way people are led to the Savior. The Master said that those that come to Him have all been taught of the Father. He said that nobody comes to Him unless the Father draws Him. I gave examples of those in scripture who were seeking a relationship with the Father through obedience first and then were introduced to Yahushua. Those people subsequently received the Ruach.

      I posted the blog but the night after I wrote it I was awakened and heard “I come to seek and save that which is lost.” He repeated it again to me. I realized then that there was something wrong with the content or tone of that post, and I marked the post “private” so that it would not be seen.

      I believe the message meant that we do His work as He leads right up to the very end. We do not know the hearts of people, and we do not yet know exactly how much time is left. It does take time to cultivate a relationship, but the Creator may be pursuing some people already. He may use us to water seeds that He has had others to previously plant.

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