Sabbath Keeping

Scripture references: Galatians 6:7; I John 1:9; Proverbs 16:6; Psalm 85:10; Colossians 2:16; Matthew 24:20; Mark 13:5; Daniel 7:19-25; Genesis 1:14;  I Samuel 20:18; Exodus 16:1-6; Ezekiel 20:12-20;  Isaiah 58:13; Psalm 89:34-37

I started to explore the concept of keeping the Sabbath a few years ago and came to the conclusion that Sunday was definitely not the appointed Sabbath day. I did a little research and found that it was a left over ancient pagan practice to worship a sun deity. Sunday was obviously not the seventh day, and I concluded that it was not the Sabbath appointed by Yahweh. Meanwhile, I also searched the scripture to find out how to keep the Sabbath day holy. I had a great time and am still having a great time getting to know my Eloha and His wise practices. At that phase of my spiritual development, I proceeded to observe a Saturday Sabbath because it after all is the seventh day, right?! I remember being vocal about keeping the seventh day Sabbath as directed by Yahweh in His Word. A couple of people indirectly mentioned calendar changes, but I didn’t pay that any attention at the time. Yahweh didn’t allow me to ascertain truths at that time. I practiced Saturday Sabbath keeping for a couple of years without ever realizing the repercussions of the multiple calendar changes that society have been subjected to for hundreds of years.

Obedience Lesson Learned

My main goal of searching out Yahweh’s true Sabbath day was because I am seeking to be as obedient to Him as possible. Just so you know a little of my background…Yahushua called me out of a life of sin; my sin was caused by disobedience to His rules and practices. I reaped the consequences of sin in accordance with the Word in Galatians 6:7. However, I also received forgiveness from Yahweh when I repented according to I John 1:9. He encompasses both mercy and truth as Proverbs 16:6 and Psalm 85:10 describe. I’ve learned that the more obedient one is to Yahweh’s commands, the more of His truth He reveals. My point is that I’m not attempting to be Pharisee-ish or contentious about the issue. I believe that the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) instructed Paul to let us know not to judge anyone concerning a holy day or Sabbaths (Colossians 2:16). The motive of obedience is paramount, however.

Timekeeping And Prophecy

My secondary goal for searching out the truth pertaining to Yahweh’s Sabbath has to do with end time prophecy. I believe that it is important to know the times and seasons in which we are living in order to understand some prophecies in the scriptures. In Matthew 24:20, Yahushua said to pray that your flight be not in the winter or on the Sabbath day as it pertains to tribulation activities. To understand end time prophecy, one must have insight into the calendar used by Yahweh. It is not a matter of knowing man’s calendars (Jewish or Gentile) because they can and have been changed. Only the Ruach ha Kodesh will be able to reveal the hidden truths about Yahweh’s time keeping. I don’t believe that it is too complicated to discern, but I do think that there has been many purposeful deceptions made to keep people in the dark for as long as possible. Yahushua said that the end times would be characterized by deception (Mark 13:5).

After the prophet Daniel described the fourth beast in Daniel 7:19-25, he described a king that would seek to change times and laws. This king would arise from the fourth beast representing the fourth ruling world system kingdom; I believe this symbolizes Rome. Of course this doesn’t mean simply the city of Rome today but the entire Roman Empire that eventually stretched across the globe. The Roman Empire was the precursor to the British Empire of whom ancient relics may be found in England to this day. We also know from Biblical history that the chief rulers of the Jewish people often collaborated with Rome to keep their civic positions intact; this was one of their reasons for the sacrifice of Yahushua. Suppose these collaborations resulted in deliberate calendar changes?

Challenge To Search The Scriptures

I am praying and studying about the idea that Yahweh always wanted His people to know His important dates. I went back to the beginning specifically Genesis 1:14.  He created the celestial bodies (sun, moon, stars, etc.) for signs, seasons, days, and years; this would include His Sabbath day. I also believe that celestial bodies and Yahweh’s ministering spirits are sometimes used synonymously to indicate an impartation of enlightenment to mankind, but that is a different blog discussion. Anyway, back on topic. The scriptures indicate that the New Moon was observed and celebrated by the Jewish people at least at the time of King David (who BTW also had the Holy Spirit); check out I Samuel 20:18. The Jews were not allowed to celebrate pagan holidays or worship false, astrological g-ds; that was a stoning offense. However, they observed the new moon because it was a sign indicating the start of a holy day. Still, this could mean that the new moon marked a holy day that was not related to the weekly seventh day Sabbath at all. If the new moon indicated the start of a new month, then seven days from the sighting of the new moon would be the seventh day Sabbath. If this premise is correct, then the new moon would be the first day of the month and the Sabbath would fall on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th days every month. To gain further insight into this concept, pray first and then read the passage from Exodus 16:1-6. The Most High  seems to have given us a clue that the 15th day was (and still is) a Sabbath day.

The Covenant And The Promise

Keeping the Sabbath is a permanent sign of the covenant that Yahweh made with His people. He surely wouldn’t let the day get lost by mere manipulations of men. Ezekiel 20:12-20 speaks about the Sabbath as a sign of the covenant and also the judgments that ensue when covenant people by practicing idolatry do not keep the Sabbath day. Isaiah 58:13 describes what is and isn’t acceptable to the Yahweh on His Sabbath day. Just as the covenant is forever I believe that the sign that determines the covenant day is also perpetual. In Psalm 89:34-37, He speaks about the everlasting covenant with the house of David of whom Yahushua is called the Son of David. He said that the covenant shall be established for ever as the moon and as a faithful witness in heaven. Yahweh seems to regard the moon as a faithful witness when mankind for one reason or another can’t keep time properly.

I’m still praying for wisdom on this subject, but I’d love to hear from other believers in Yahushua about this topic!!

All Those In Yahushua – Be Blessed

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One Response to Sabbath Keeping

  1. Eugene says:


    I really love what you have here. I love the fact that you embrace the Jewishness our YAHUSHUA our Messiah. indeed we are to keep the shabbat/sabbath, and it is NOT a sunday. It is Friday sunset to Saturday Sunset. YAHUVEH/YAHWEH has spoken and commands His children to keep His sabbaths. It marks us as belonging to Him, it’s a covenant between YAH and His people. The shabbat is weekly (Leviticus 23 and so many other scriptures show this). The sabbath is such a blessing to keep. It is to restore us and allow us to rest in YAHUVEH/YAHUSHUA. It’s a day of greater anointing and intimacy with our Elohim.

    This day is truly a blessing, I find myself so elated and free. The joy I feel during my time with YAHUSHUA on the sabbath flows over into the coming days. It’s not to be a time of burden or restraint, it’s a time to enjoy with YAHUSHUA. Read of Him, praise Him. Dedicate yourself to Him – just love Him!

    Some try to complicate things. YAH knows that we live in different time zones, His calender is not a 24 hour calender. He marks days from sunset to sunset. Saturday is the sabbath, and you’ll notice that Israel keep shabbat at this time also.

    I’d love to be able to speak on this somemore. Email me when you get the chance.

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