Flood Waters Rising

Scripture references: I Peter 3:20, II Peter 3:9-10, and Genesis 6:9-13

Ok, this isn’t the cheeriest topic in the world, but I believe a relevant one for today. I would be considered a bad neighbor if I saw a fire approach my neighbor’s house and did nothing, right? Well, that’s exactly what I see fast approaching.

Days of Noah
I was recently thinking about Noah, and the way Yahweh saved him and his family from the great flood waters that swept away the rest of the unrighteous people. We may brush it aside… and say well those people were warned and… whew! – we’re just glad Yahweh saved Noah, his family, and some of the animals from that awful flood.

Maintain The Standard…Even When Missing The Mark
Until I read I Peter 3:20 with understanding, I never fully realized that Noah and his family were actually saved BY the great flood not From the flood. The people of Noah’s day had given themselves over to evil spirits and had allowed themselves to become so corrupt that in time there would not have been any righteous people left on the entire planet. Yahweh gave them a chance to repent because He is gracious like that, but they completely ignored His grace. They probably sought to change the laws of their land so as to reclassify their wrong-doing instead of simply maintaining the true standard of right living. Maintaining the standard would have encouraged people to repent and from the heart seek help from Yahweh to change. The pride that will not allow righteousness to be the standard has been the downfall of many cultures.
Do you see significant parallels between today’s culture and the one that was destroyed by the flood in Noah’s day? The apostle Peter saw it almost 2000 years ago. He said that just as the ancient world in Noah’s day was destroyed via flood; the next worldwide evil would be destroyed as well. This time under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Peter saw the old heavens and the old earth being burned up with an intense, fiery heat. There – I’ve warned the neighbors of the approaching fire. Now here is the hope, fire retardant if you will…(keep reading- I promise it gets better)

Yahweh’s Character Of Mercy and Truth
The hope that we have been given is that Yahweh’s character is one of righteous judgment but also of tremendous grace; He embodies grace/mercy and truth. The apostle Peter knew this and stated in II Peter 3:9 that Yahweh was waiting and has been waiting to bring on the day of judgment because it is His desire that none should perish but that all should come to repentance. It’s not that Yahweh is slacking off somewhere, but He is kind and longsuffering not wanting any to perish.

Yahweh’s Gift Of Eternal Life
Yahweh plans to have a new heaven and new earth for His people. It’s been the plan from the beginning. I believe that this present world system is a testing ground to ensure that the inhabitants of the new heaven and new earth are made ready for their glorious new home. It also serves to weed out those who simply don’t want to be there living under Yahweh’s righteous rules.

Yahweh knows that when the time is up, He will bring the pain; it’s called the Day of Yahweh. He knows exactly how to do it too because He is the Almighty. He will judge because He has made certain promises to His people that must be kept. He will judge and stop wickedness because He didn’t make His planet for the heathen but for the righteous. He is waiting because He loves you!

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