She’s Not Dead But Sleeping

Scripture references: Mark 5:39; Luke 9:60; Daniel 12:2; Isaiah 66:24; John 11:24

I was led to read the account of the resurrection of Jairus’ daughter.  Yahushua said that the 12 year old girl was not dead but sleeping.  There is a difference between those who are dead and those that are sleeping within the constraints of a natural death state. The girl was apparently a child of Yahweh by His standards and was sleeping; not dead.  The Master Yahushua made a difference between the two that I think is very important.

The truly dead are those in a sinful state who have not been born again of the spirit.  There was one potential follower of Yahushua who wanted to follow the Master but only after burying a family member.  Yahushua responded that he should let the “dead” bury their own dead but for him to preach the kingdom of Yahweh.  Also, when Yahushua went to raise Lazarus from the dead, he originally told His disciples, “Our friend Lazarus sleepeth, but I go to wake him out of sleep.”  This indicates that there is a difference between those that sleep in Yahweh, and those who are dead.  It was only after the disciples made it clear that they didn’t understand His language that He spoke to them in natural terms that they could understand; He told them Lazarus is dead.

The prophets Daniel and Isaiah got a glimpse of the  resurrection that will happen on the day of Yahushua.  Daniel mentioned that on the day Yahushua was to deliver His people there will be a resurrection. Many that sleep in the dust of the earth will awake some to everlasting life and others to everlasting contempt.  Isaiah was told that after the people of Yahweh were delivered from the enemy they would do three things: 1. At every new moon everyone will come before Yahweh to worship, 2. At every sabbath everyone will come before Yahweh to worship, and 3. they will go to look upon the carcasses of the transgressors: for their worm dieth not and their fire can’t be quenched.

These accounts from two different prophets indicate that at the word of two witnesses Yahweh’s message of the resurrection will indeed happen. Those resurrected to eternal life will be able to view those resurrected to eternal death. Just as the righteous will have a glorified, incorruptible body; the unrighteous will have a dead body (a carcass) with all the heart ache and pain that goes along with it.

Martha mentioned that “resurrection day” as the time that she understood her brother would rise from the dead.  However, Yahushua at the command of the Father wanted to demonstrate His authority. He also wanted to demonstrate the relationship between everlasting life and faith/belief in Him.  He didn’t raise Lazarus from the dead for Lazarus’ sake; Lazarus was at rest awaiting the “last day.”  Yahushua raised Lazarus from the dead as a demonstration for us.

Lazarus is a believer in Yahushua.  Yahushua said that whoever lives and believes in Him shall never die.  Here’s a question to ponder.  Where is Lazarus now?  Does he live in a glorified state in the heavenlies? Just asking 🙂

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