The Powers Of Heaven Shall Be Shaken

Scripture references: Luke 21:25,26; I John 4:3; Ephesians 6:12; Revelation 12:7-12; Matthew 24:24; II Thessalonians 2:3

The  End Time Alien Connection

Remember how Yahushua said that the end times would be characterized by unparalleled deception?  One example of this is the alien phenomenom.  We have been hearing about the possible existence of aliens for years. Recently, many mainstream physicists such Drs. Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku have spoken out that the existence of alien life is very likely.

We’ve heard alot about government conspiracy theories on the subject.  The stories abound about aliens. Some believe that the world’s governments are working with intelligent aliens.  Others believe the concept of aliens was conceived as another way to manipulate the masses in some way.

Who Do We Believe?

Until recently, we’ve only heard that the aliens simply exist and those accounts were from various sources.  Just being told that the aliens existed without being told of their alleged relationship to this planet or their long term plan or strategy leaves us to wonder about their true identity– IF we were to believe the account of them at all.  However, as the time of Yahushua’s return approaches, we are being made aware of at least one “alien”  group’s agenda.  This group calls themselves elohim and has a human following going by the name Raelians.   The founder of this group, Claude Vorilhon, changed his name to Rael after an encounter with the aliens back in the 1970s.  (Note: If this sounds ridiculously similar to the story of Jacob having his name changed to Israel after an encounter with the angel of Yahweh, you’ve already picked up on the deception.)  Anyway,  the Raelians are the only group that I know of whose alien patrons have publicly stated their relationship and goals as pertains to the earth.  Let’s take a closer look at who they claim to be.

Try The Spirit

As followers of Yahushua, our first instinct should be to pray and consult Him through His Word. It’s amazing how the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) inspires different servants of Yahweh at completely different times and each inspired word complements the others.  For example, Yahushua himself stated that “…the powers of heaven shall be shaken” in the latter days.  The apostle John stated, “…believe not every spirit but try the spirit…those spirits that confess not that Yahushua is come in the flesh is not of Yahweh.” Yahushua’s servant Paul stated that “…we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers…”

Once we compare the philosophy of the Raelians and their alien patrons with the Word of Yahweh, it becomes easier to identify who these “aliens” really are.  After reading an account of the Raelians on wikipedia, here is a summary of their philosophy and plans:

  • They claim to be the actual creators of mankind here on earth.
  • They encourage sexual freedom (a.k.a perversion) especially encouraging homosexuality as a legitimate identity.
  • They advocate genetic modification of human, animals, and plants.  They supposedly gave their representative Claude Vorilhon knowledge of genetics. He subsequently  set up laboratories to successfully clone human embryos. One of the human embryos was cloned from the DNA a lesbian couple so that the couple could have a child that was genetically related to them. (*Note- If the aliens really created mankind and they encourage homosexuality, then why didn’t they create homosexuals to procreate in the beginning without genetic manipulation?)
  • They plan to return to earth soon. The reasons for their return is somewhat murky.  According to the Raelian founder, the aliens are seeking an invitation.  From mid 2010 to the end of 2011, the Raelians have made their way to each continent in an attempt to garner support for the alien arrival on earth.
  • They want an embassy to be built for them.  The Raelian founder has been saving the tithes/offerings from his group as kind of a “church building fund.” The interesting thing is where they want to have their embassy located. Jerusalem- where else would so called creators of man want to be located? It is supposed to be the Third Temple.
  • Alliance with the elohim and Raelians require a formal statement of renouncement of all other religions or religious associations.  This apostasy could be the one foretold in II Thessalonians 2:3 which must happen before the man of sin is revealed and the Day of Yahushua occurs.

It wasn’t clear from the research why the aliens wanted to “return” to the earth.  However, we can look to the Word of Yahweh for the answer as usual. If the aliens had kept the standard of righteousness and encouraged repentance of sin as stated in scriptures, we could conclude that they may be on the right side.  Since we know that the aliens encourage the violation of Yahweh’s law, they must be of the wicked one.

According to the Scriptures, there will be a war in heaven.  The devil and the angels that he has deceived into following him will go to war against Michael the archangel and his angels.  Michael will win and the devil and his angels will no longer have access to the heavenly realm.  They will be forced down to the earth; this is their final destination prior to being judged and punished.  If these aliens are who I believe them to be, they aren’t coming to earth because they like it here.  They will be here because there won’t be a place found for them in heaven anymore after losing a spiritual battle with  the mighty archangel Michael.

Be Vigilant

Knowledge about these spirit beings is necessary because it gives us good indications of where we are in the prophetic timeline. Also, Yahushua said to make sure that no man deceives us.  We will see great signs and wonders that would deceive the elect if it were possible.

I believe that these spirits will work with certain humans to introduce the false messiah and false prophet to the world.  They will probably have advanced knowledge of physics that will enable them to conduct seemingly supernatural “miracles.”

Pray that when these angelic beings are forced to the earth, they will meet the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) dwelling within true believers worldwide.

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