Why I No Longer Believe in the Constitutional Right of “Free Exercise of Religion”

Scripture references: Exodus 20:1-7; Acts 3:21; Jeremiah 44:7,8; Jeremiah 44:17; John 8:34; Zechariah 14:17; Isaiah 66:23; Zechariah 14:21; I Kings 14:23,24; I Kings 15:12; I Kings 22: 43-46; Revelation 5:9-14

The light just came on when I heard a “sermon” on the internet which began by proclaiming the sacredness of the Constitution and the religious freedom that it gives us.  This was stated early in the talk even before any scriptures were read or any mention of Yahweh.  I had been studying the scriptures and in prayer earlier so my ears were opened to receive anything the Holy Spirit had to say.  For the first time in my life the mention of the religious freedoms gained from the Constitution prompted a bad, sinking feeling in my spirit.  Later on that day the Holy Spirit showed me why.

We’ve Been Duped

The Holy Spirit showed me that worshippers of Yahweh don’t need legislation to give us the right to worship Him.  The worship of Yahweh is a human right not a Constitutional right.  It’s like having the Constitution give you the right to breathe.  Humanity was created to worship Yahweh (the true Creator).  Yahweh put it in every man’s heart to know about Him.  Additionally, Yahweh sets the law for all humanity on this subject.  Don’t believe me – see Yahweh’s commands given in Exodus 20:1-7.

So why would the very intelligent formers of the U.S. Constitution need to specify freedom of religion? The Sunday school version is that certain Protestants were being persecuted for their religious beliefs in England.  However, true believers in Yahweh and his son Yahushua have always undergone persecution, and the persecution will continue until the restoration of all things (Acts 3:21).  The freedom of religion was to enable the rest of these false religions to take root in this country by the consent of the people.

When Yahweh created man, He gave him certain responsibilities and authority on the earth.  When man chooses to stray from Yahweh’s laws (whether willfully or inadvertently), he chooses spiritual death.  The spiritual death usually manifests later into chaos & confusion in the physical realm.  When Americans choose freedom of religion, we invite pollution into the land.  Yahweh told His people that the various religions constituted the worship of demons which involved abominable practices such as murder, sexual perversion, and covetousness.  Most people don’t realize that sexual perversion (fornication, adultery, homosexuality), abortion, and covetousness that leads to defrauding others are elements of false religious practices. Many times in scripture these abominable practices are linked to worship of false g-ds (I Kings 14:23,24; I Kings 15:12; I Kings 22: 43-46). Even today we see examples of religions rocked by sexual abuse scandals and their stubborn refusal to quit bowing to graven images.   I guess they think people are too blind to notice the connection.

These religious practices were conducted by the Canaanites that Yahweh empowered the children of Israel to drive out of the Promised Land. These practices are actually perversions of Yahweh’s worship and His gift of sexual relationship within marriage. This is why there is such a voracious, satanic attack on marriages so that many end in divorce.  Even Yahweh’s people have fallen into these sin traps due to the environment that was purposely set up for us to live in; He calls us to repent.  Please do – I have!    The Canaanite’s religious practices have survived for thousands of years; they were practiced by the early American settlers and are still being practiced today.

Why The Conspiracy?

The reason for the introduction of the worship of false g-ds is age old.  It is to have the people willingly cut themselves off from the true Creator Yahweh (Jeremiah 44:7,8).  The prince of this world offers those people certain perks for turning from Yahweh (Jeremiah 44:17).  For those simply caught in the sin trap who weren’t attempting to worship false g-ds, their sin becomes a method to enslave them. He who sins is a servant of sin (John 8:34). This is what the New World Order (NWO) is all about; it is to get all to choose to walk away from the true Creator Yahweh.  America was a model for democracy and freedom of religion, but it was only a model.  It seems the proponents of the NWO deem that it is time to launch the model on a global scale.  Today, we see the regimes of many nations being overthrown with the expectation that they will be replaced with democratic governments that allow religious freedom.

Historical accounts of the formers of the Constitution indicate that they were Deists.  Deism acknowledges that there is a Creator of the universe, but that after creation the Creator has stepped aside to let the universe run itself never to interfere again.  With this view in mind and armed with the esoteric knowledge mentioned above, they were able to do three very significant things to move the world towards the NWO.

  1. Rule over the people legally; a people without Yahweh’s protection can be satanically governed
  2. Eventually enslave large numbers of individuals and people groups over time
  3. Perfect their NWO test case model over hundreds of years in preparation for global implementation

The formers of the Constitution and those of their group who followed after them were able to do these three things all while looking very good and moral.  As I stated above, these people were very intelligent so I do not presume that they didn’t know what they were about.  A clue as to their true reasons for the “free exercise of religion” can be found in the example of the Nat Turner Rebellion.  Nat Turner was born a slave within the household of Benjamin Turner a member of the Methodist church.  He learned to read, write, and eventually seek Yahweh.  He began to preach righteousness and convinced a slave overseer to “cease from wickedness”; this occured in 1828 (only about 40 years after the adoption of the U.S. Constitution). The slave overseer’s name was Ethelred Brantley and according to at least one account of him, he was described as a poor, white, “term referring to his sexual orientation deleted for inadequate source verification.”  Other accounts of the happenings of that era just tactfully said that young girls and children were being robbed of their integrity as humans by the slaveholders.  Anyway, Ethelred Brantley heeded the call to repentance; he repented and was baptized.  The historical accounts state that after his conversion he was immediately attacked by a cutaneous eruption, and blood oozed from the pores of his skin.  Many don’t believe in the demonic realm, but those who do will recognize what happened to Ethelred Brantley.  Nat prayed for Ethelred, and he was healed after nine days of prayer and fasting.  You would think that the church going town’s people would rejoice at Ethelred’s deliverance, but not so.  Historical accounts state that Ethelred lost his position as slave overseer and was run completely out of town by members of the “religious organizations” operating in and around Cross Keys and Jerusalem, Virginia.  These are the religious practices and people that were protected under the U.S. Constitution NOT people who worship Yahweh and follow His plan of salvation.

Will There Be Freedom of Religion In The Messianic Kingdom?

Good news. It appears as though Yahweh’s people will be free from all the abominable religious practices that we are forced to tolerate at present.  Zechariah 14:17 tells us that those that are left on the earth after Yahweh judges will have to come to worship him during his appointed feast of tabernacles.  He said that those who refuse to worship Him in this manner will not have rain.  Also Isaiah 66:23 states that all flesh will come to worship before Yahweh.    Zechariah 14:21 states that every pot (vessel) in Jerusalem and Judah shall be holiness unto Yahweh, and the Canaanite will no more be in the house of Yahweh. This means we will be holy vessels for Yahweh’s use, and no one practicing the Canaanite’s religion will be found masquerading in the house of Yah.  It’s way past time to repent and turn our hearts toward Yahweh!!

I have to also point out that Yahweh is not racially or ethnically bigoted either.  He has a plan to redeem people out of every kindred, tongue, people, and nation on earth to rule as kings and priests for Him on the earth. According to the scriptures, there will be a lot of us!!!  (Revelation 5:9-14)  If you look at the links on the tool bar located at the lower right hand corner labeled “Disciples of Yahushua,” you may see glimpses of the plan. Hallelujah.

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