Important Message

The Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) told me, “tell them to be careful who you sleep with.”

I thought I had posted a great, spirit inspired post yesterday about Yahushua walking on water and was looking forward to being shown more such goodies in the Word.  However, the spirit woke me up early and told me to post the message.  I don’t believe it was an evil spirit because an evil one will encourage sexual freedom–see previous article on Powers of Heaven Shaken.

The Spirit told me that if I didn’t make the post, it would be required of me.  Very appropriate since this is the sin from which He delivered me.  He told me that I didn’t have to embellish the post; just tell it.  I believe that it is super important at this time because demonic activity has and will increase; to fully understand the significance you would have to pray and do your research on the origins of demons (Book of Enoch, Book of Jasher, and many others). Sex may be one way these spirits are transferred, and they will not want to leave once they have a body.  Woe to those with unbelieving spouses at this time! Anyway, I did what He said for me to do.

Be Blessed Disciples of Yahushua.  All others – Repent Now! Today is still the day of salvation.

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6 Responses to Important Message

  1. Daniel Benjamin Orris says:

    Are you referring to Ruakh HaKadosh as masculine?

    • lastwordgal says:

      Hi Daniel,
      Yes i refer to Yah’s Spirit in the masculine only because the Master Yahushua did in John 14:16,17. The Ruach ha Kodesh is also known as the “Spirit of truth” and the “Comforter.”

      • No, that is a mistranslation. The master Yahushua never called Ruakh HaKadosh masculine, rather the King James Version added that part. In the Greek translation of the scrolls Ruakh HaQodesh is referred to in a neutral gender, but in the original Ivriy AKA Hebrew text of the scrolls the spirit is always —- and I mean every single time —- called feminine. Such examples are simply Genesis chapter 1, and Proverbs chapter 8 is a good one even in the KJV, and basically every other time Ruakh HaQadosh is written or spoken about.

        I ask that you would read this article by Rabbi Simon Altaf, and may you receive understanding.

      • lastwordgal says:

        I do appreciate the comment and am always open to hearing the truth. I do not claim to know all of the answers. If you read the dreams and visions page, the dream that I had about the store showed a woman operating the store. I always thought that the experienced store clerk in the dream represented the Ruach ha Kodesh. However, I can not rely on my own understanding or those of the many self proclaimed rabbis. We have one teacher who is the Master Yahushua. I’ll pray about the matter and ask Him to show me the truth by His spirit. Thanks for the comment. Shalom

  2. Tim says:

    omano prodi is the antichrist and cardinal piietro parolin is the next pope (pope peter)also known as the false prophet. Fyi!

  3. Tim says:

    Omano prodi should be Romano prodi.

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