Mt Zion: Land of the North?

Scripture References: Jeremiah 3:13-17; I John 1:9; I Thessalonians 4:16,17; Jeremiah 4:6,7; Matthew 24:45; Matthew 24:29; Luke 21:28 

Many things have been said about rumored rogue planets and alien invasions.  We have scriptures that show us that evil beings will be forced down to earth (Matthew 24:29).  However, Yahweh is the creator of the evil and the good.  If we are sealed as one of Yahweh’s children, nothing may happen to us without His permission.

Yahushua said that when we see all the signs of His coming to “look up for your redemption draweth near.” (Luke 21:28)  Did you know that the prophet Jeremiah prophesied about the in gathering of the saints (catching away/rapture), Yahushua’s return, and the possession of the land? Check out Jeremiah Chapters 3 & 4!

Jeremiah 3:13-17: Gathering of the Saints

Jeremiah states that Jerusalem shall be called the throne of Yahweh, and all nations shall be gathered unto it, to the name of Yahweh.  He further states that they will walk no more after the imagination of their evil heart. 

  • Yahweh is calling His people out of every nation on earth.  The physical bloodline Jews, the descendants of the scattered 10 tribes of Israel, and former Gentiles who have been grafted into the tribe of Judah through Yahushua make up the people to be gathered of every nation on earth.
  • All of the people will be gathered unto the name of Yahweh which we know to be Yahushua.
  • All of the people will have undergone a change so that they walk no more after the imagination of their evil heart.
  • All of the people will be gathered together in one place- spiritual Jerusalem or the throne of Yahweh

What are the prerequisites of the gathering?  Jeremiah 3:13-15 states that it is only to acknowledge sin and turn from wickedness.   

  • Confession & repentance (I John 1:9) is all that is needed because Yahushua has already paid for the sin with His blood.
  • Yahweh states that pastors will be given after His heart to feed His people with knowledge and understanding.  Yahushua stated in Matthew 24:45 that His servant was faithful and wise to give the household spiritual food at the right time.

Why are the people being gathered?  Jeremiah 3:14,18 states that it is for marriage and to possess the land. 

  • Yahushua is married to His people.  Collectively, there will be many gathered unto Him.  In comparison with the entire population of the earth, however, there will be only a few saved.  He said He would take one of a city, and two of a family.  This is only one clue of how far off the mark our religious communities have gone.  Don’t depend on religious establishments to be a safe haven for you.  Seek Yahweh for yourself.
  • Both houses of Judah and Israel will together come out of the land of the north and into the land given for an inheritance. This is a key clue! This is not referring to the return of the children of Israel to the present “Holy Land” from northern nations. We know this because Judah and the other tribes did not come together to possess the land of Israel; only the Jews (both bloodline and many who may not be Hebrew at all) returned to the land of Israel.  The Jews (tribe of Judah with Benjamin) also only possess a portion of the land promised to Abraham; Yahweh promised the land from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Where is the Land of the North from which the people are gathered?  This is the mystery being uncovered now.

  • This speaks of the place of safety that Yahweh will have for His people prior to the possession of the inheritance. Yahweh said that one of us will be taken of a city and two of a family and that He would bring us to Zion.
  • Later on in the New Testament I Thessalonians 4:16,17, Paul wrote that we will be caught up to meet Yahushua in the air and that we will ever be with Him.
  • There appears to be some place that is here or will be here soon that will be a safe haven for the saints.  I believe that this is why we hear so much about Planet X and rogue alien planets. Just a thought!!!!

Jeremiah 4:6,7:  Yahushua Returns

Jeremiah tells the people to set up the battle flag towards Zion without delay. The warning is that Yahweh will bring evil and great destruction from the North. The “lion” is come up from his thicket (woods, hidden place).  He is called the destroyer of the Gentiles who brings destruction. 

  • In his writings, one may see how the prophet Jeremiah distances himself from the Gentiles and their land.  He said that the destroyer of the Gentiles is gone forth to make thy land and cities desolate and a waste.
  • The word “gentile” implies uncleanness.  A gentile is anyone who does not keep the commands of Yahweh and who does not have the testimony of Yahushua.  Yahushua is the only one that may save and make a person clean enough to enter into the gathering place.  He and Moses knew that this would be a rock of offense to some natural, bloodline Jews.  Moses said that if the people did not obey the Prophet (like unto Moses) sent to them, they would perish.  Yahushua said that many would come from the east and west to sit down with the patriarchs at the marriage supper, but the children of the kingdom would be cast out.  We pray for the children of the kingdom at this time that their spiritual eyes would be opened by Yahweh before it is too late!
  • As for the true Gentiles, today’s elite within governments and scientific communities know that something is happening a little beyond our galaxy that is affecting the earth’s electromagnetic field.  They know that it is impacting natural cycles and events on earth; they want to blame it on global warming.  People Wake Up and Repent!  All these things aren’t happening here on earth because you forgot to recycle your grocery bags. Yahushua is coming for His people and to bring the judgment. He’s the lion coming from the thicket; the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

Hope you’ve been blessed by the post.  The next post (Yahweh willing) will be details about the inherited land promised to Yahweh’s people!

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One Response to Mt Zion: Land of the North?

  1. Hello: I like your post. When you present a question, you also give an answer. I found some questions on another wordpress site, and have used them and found answers for most of them. I agree people need to WAKE UP AND REPENT. Keep up the good work.

    God bless you also: Stephen

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