How Much Does That White Robe Cost?

Scripture References: Matthew 24:15; Luke 21:35; I Thessalonians 5:9; Revelation Chapter 6 &7;II Peter 2:20; I John 4:3; I Thessalonians 4:16; Luke 15:7; Revelation 8:1-6

I want to take a closer look at the prophetic timeline. Many Biblical scholars believe that the tribulation period begins with the appearance of the abomination that makes desolate (Matthew 24:15).  Since we may not be clear on what is considered the abomination that makes desolate, it may make sense to examine the start of the tribulation period from another perspective. (Note: The ‘abomination that makes desolate’ is probably the implementation of the Extremely Low Frequency Mind Control technology.)

The tribulation period equates to a time of testing; it is one that will come upon all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth (Luke 21:35).  The tribulation/ testing period includes the true believers in Yahushua along with everyone else.  The test results will determine one’s status in the judgment period that will follow.  The judgment period will be the pouring out of Yahweh’s wrath upon the earth; true believers are not appointed to wrath but unto salvation (I Thessalonians 5:9).

I believe that the start of the tribulation period is the breaking of the seven seals. By the end of the seventh seal, all servants of Yahweh will be sealed in their foreheads to keep them safe from the judgment plagues. Let’s look at the seals to find out where we are in the prophetic timeline…

The Beginning of Sorrows

1st Seal Broken – One riding a white horse was crowned, had a bow, and went forth conquering and to conquer (Revelation 6:2).  I believe that this happened years ago in the form of imperialism.  Notice that the white horse rider only has a bow and no arrows.  The rider was allowed to conquer but not to totally destroy the conquered lands; the rider was permitted to colonize worldwide.  Think Rome and its daughters – Britain (India, Hong Kong, NZ, & Australia), France (Lebanon, Syria, Algeria, Haiti, & Vietnam) and Spain (Central & South America) just to name a few.

2nd Seal Broken– The red horse was allowed to take peace from the earth and to kill with the sword (Revelation 6:4).  Since the time of imperial colonization, the world has experienced World Wars I & II as well as several recent Middle East conflicts.  All these conflicts and wars add up to many deaths worldwide to fulfill the 2nd seal.  Even when the world was not at war, it was not totally at peace.  During the Cold War, the world’s major super powers were always seemingly preparing to go to war against each other generating an atmosphere of unrest.  Spiritually, peace was taken from the earth.

3rd Seal Broken– The black horse brings financial woe that negatively impacts food prices (Revelation 6:5,6). I think this refers primarily to “real” food and not the GMO foods on the market.

  • Financial instability caused by currency manipulation
  • Food shortages caused by natural and artificial weather disasters such as floods and draught as well as lack of care for the land
  • Increase demand for food due to natural population growth –current population at 7 billion

All of the above factors contribute to higher food prices which we have seen recently.  If we see these higher prices in the U.S.A. where there is a relative abundance of goods, then other nations must have definitely noticed a spike in food prices quite a while ago.

4th Seal Broken?– The pale horse’s rider is named Death and Hell (Revelation 6:8).  25% of the earth is given over to destruction via wars or military conflicts; hunger resulting from the 3rd Seal; death due to weather disasters, pestilence, and epidemics; and the beasts of the earth. (Note: I haven’t heard about an abnormal amount of people being killed by wild animals via the news…yet.). I take that back; I heard about wild pig attacks a few years ago.  See Extinction Protocol – Pack Animal Aggression Articles.

I believe that the 25% affected by the Pale Horse are unbelievers, or those who do not serve Yahweh – for the most part.  The reason for this is explained by the mere name of the Pale Horse rider– Death and Hell.  Yahweh’s servants have been given eternal life, and it does not appear that we will be subjugated to that kind of “death and hell.”  Our test comes next.

Bridal Garments

Yes, it costs to be in the wedding party! 

5th Seal (Current Seal)–The servants of Yahweh are “killed” during this seal (Revelation 6:9).  It is a different type of death than the one the pale horse rider inflicts.  This killing relates to our natural/world system identity dying mainly through persecution.  The persecution comes from the emerging Beast System.  The Beast System resorts to targeted, covert harassment techniques at this time.  Its covert tactics are not done out of fear of reprisal, but out of fear of their diabolical plan being discovered too early by some who may seek repentance at the 11th hour.

The devil who is allowed to give power to the anti-messiah; the political anti-messiah & his crew exercises power via witchcraft and technology over the people- e.g. Extremely Low Frequency Mind Control; and the religious false prophet who calls down false miracles such as weather manipulation via HAARP technology and witchcraft do not want any to escape Yahweh’s wrath especially those who they believed to have enjoyed the pleasures of sin for a season.  They know that Yahweh’s character is amazingly gracious to the truly repentant!!!

Attacked?…Try the Spirit

If you have repented and have turned from  sin, they will attack to try to dirty you again. They want your latter end to be worse than how you started out (II Peter 2:20). This has been my experience along with others.   Try the spirit(s) when you are attacked.  They will want to hold a conversation with you to terrorize you.  If their attack scenario allows it- Ask them if they will confess that Yahushua ha Mashiah is come in the flesh (I John 4:3). If they cannot confess this fact, then do not believe a word that they say.  Instead, rebuke them in the name of Yahushua ha Mashiah.

Don’t try to reason with them. The nature of demons and those that have invited them as hosts do not care how you feel; they have a mission from their boss to steal, kill, and destroy their assigned targets. Once you call on Yahushua and repent of sins, you become a high priority target of theirs.  Stand firmly on the promises found in the Word of Yahweh.

Offenses Must Come

Another reason that I do not believe that the 5th Seal represents physical death of Yahweh’s servants is because of the verse “The dead in Yahushua physically are at rest awaiting the resurrection (I Thessalonians 4:16).”  The servants of Yahweh at the time of the 5th Seal seem to be physically alive on the earth and actively requesting judgment from Yahweh against the people involved with the Beast system (yes, the mark of the beast is already here). According to Revelation 6:9, these believers’ souls are under the altar; the altar is before the throne of Yahweh in heaven (Revelation 8:3). The phrase “under the altar” signifies believers here on earth below.  Our souls are safe with Yahweh; our minds are focused on Him.

Purification and Separation Process

Yahweh’s servants are given white robes indicating the righteousness of Yahushua (bridal clothes).  They are told to rest until the others are killed as they were indicating that the manner of execution is an important element of the 5th Seal.  This is further indication that the servants are not in most cases physically killed but are persecuted to the point that they may not be able to function “as normal” in end time corrupt society. I’m not saying that He couldn’t require your life physically; just don’t turn your back on Him!!!

The killing of the servant of Yahweh’s natural / world system identity is actually a good thing because it causes a separation between Yahweh’s true servants and those simply awaiting His judgment.  It causes true believers to continuously pray, repent, and focus on Yahweh.  Yahweh’s servants yet to be “killed” have been somewhat misled to believe that those other servants that are being persecuted are somehow not doing what Yahweh wants them to do, do not belong to Yahweh, or are bad citizens.  The Beast System’s propaganda is at work big time!

The last batch of “killed servants” will not see the truth until the persecutors come knocking at their door.  They shouldn’t be shocked because they will have seen what the first batch of believers went through.  This later batch of believers will discover the source of the persecution as the Beast System matures and gets ready for its full blown unveiling.

I believe that we are in the time of the 5th Seal.  The first batch of saints has already been killed, and there are some to follow in their footsteps.  We will know that all the saints have been given their white robes when the 6th seal is opened.

Preparation for the Judgment Period

How do we know when the 5th Seal has past and the 6th Seal has been broken?

6th Seal (TBD)– The 6th seal is unmistakable in that it includes a very great earthquake (Revelation 6:12).  We know that it wasn’t the Japanese earthquake because the 6th Seal earthquake is followed by the signs in the heavens: sun blackened, moon seen as blood, and stars (hosts of heaven/fallen angels) fall to the earth.

The most unmistakable sign is that the heavens will depart as a scroll rolled together to reveal the throne of Yahweh and the Lamb (Yahushua).  Everybody without a white robe will begin to scatter like roaches when the lights come on!!! The wicked elites will run everyone over as they make their way to their secret underground bunkers. Everyone else will probably have to settle for a regular cave hideout.

Yahushua told us to watch, pray, and prepare for His appearance so that we may be able to stand in the presence of the Son of Man; He must be one awesome sight to behold in His glorified state.

7th Seal (TBD)– At the breaking of the 7th Seal, no one will be able to claim ignorance about what is happening on the earth.  By that time, all true believers will have been sealed and protected from the upcoming judgment plagues.  They probably will have already told many people about what they were experiencing and urging people to repent – maybe through websites 🙂 . The 7th Seal begins with silence in heaven and the holy angelic preparation for the sounding of the trumpets (Revelation 8:1-6).  The judgment period is about to begin.

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