Temple Dedication Prayer of Solomon

Scripture References: II Chronicles 6; I Kings 8; Matthew 16:18;Matthew 6:9-13;Daniel 6:10-11;Daniel 9:3-21;Nehemiah 1:4-9; Malachi 3:6

A lot of people are looking for the physical Temple to be rebuilt in the city of Jerusalem as a major End Time milestone.  However, we may be further along on the timeline than previously thought.

Solomon was only a representation of the coming Son of David who was to build the permanent house of Yahweh.  Solomon even pointed out that the physical building that he built based upon the plans passed down to him from his father David (David received the plans from Yah) was not sufficient enough a dwelling place for the Most High Eloha (II Chronicles 6:18).

Yahushua’s Temple

Even though Solomon knew that the physical dwelling place was not a sufficient house for Yahweh, he built the physical building out of obedience to the wishes of his late father David and to please Yahweh.

Yahweh’s plan was to use the temple, the servant son, and the temple dedication prayer as an example of the coming permanent temple to be built by His Son Yahushua.

Remember what Yahushua said after Peter’s confession that Yahushua is the Son of Yahweh.  He said, “… upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18).

Elements of the Temple Dedication Prayer

The temple’s foundation has been laid.  We know that we as true believers have been given eternal life and are the temple of the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit); so the permanent temple of Yahweh exists today.

It is up to us to follow the guidelines of instructions left to us by Solomon’s prayer dedicating the temple to Yahweh.  Solomon said that if anyone whether Israelite or stranger joined to Israel do the following things that they should be heard and helped of Yahweh (II Chronicles 6:24,29,32-33):

  • Return (repent)
  • Confess thy name (Yahweh’s Salvation = Yahushua)
  • Pray and make supplication towards Jerusalem(ask for grace)

The results of turning to Yahweh with our whole hearts are that He will do the following:

  • Hear us
  • Forgive the sin
  • Bring us into the Promised Land

The temple dedication prayer pattern does not negate the pattern given to us by the Master Yahushua in Matthew 6:9-13.  The Master’s Prayer specifically fulfilled the temple dedication prayer pattern; it exceeds the law by commanding us to forgive our debtors.  That’s one reason why He is the Master!

Utilizing the Temple Dedication Prayer Today

When all of Yahushua’s people come to know their personal sins (or their own sore and own grief as stated in II Chronicles 6:29), then the above results from Yahweh can start to happen.

This was a very powerful prayer that offered deliverance to everyone through Yahweh’s salvation plan.  We know that Yahweh honored the prayer even though Solomon later sinned. The prayer is still valid because even when we are unfaithful, Yahweh remains the same (Malachi 3:6)

Let’s pray according to the patterns left us concerning the dedication of the temple which we are.  All the greats followed the pattern.

Remember how Daniel prayed three times a day, towards Jerusalem, confessing his sins and the sins of his people (Daniel 6:10-11;9:3-21) Yahweh honored him in captivity just as Solomon’s prayer request stated.  Nehemiah had a similar experience when he and the Hebrews came out of Persia (Nehemiah 1:4-9).

Pray for these things to occur within the body of Yahushua as a whole, and we can expect to see great things happen!

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