The Good Shepherd, the Hireling, and the Wolf

Scripture References: John 10:16; John 10:1; I John 4:2; Matthew 23:1-12; Proverbs 6:17; Proverbs 24:23; Matthew 10:8-10; Revelation 7:9; Mark 3:18; Acts 1:14; Acts 2:1-4; Galatians 3:28,29; Judges 4:3-9; I John 1:9; Matthew 18:15-17; Luke 13:1-5; Obadiah 10-18; Proverbs 6:13; Proverbs 10:10; Ephesians 5:11

Know The Voice of The Good Shepherd

Be careful fellow sheep to develop a relationship with Yahushua through His Spirit so that you will know His voice.  He said that He will call his own sheep by name and lead us. He said that His sheep will run from strangers. It is important to know why the sheep will flee from strangers.

Yahushua said that He is the good shepherd and that there is ultimately going to be only one sheepfold and that there is only one true shepherd.  Those following men (or women) instead of being led by the Holy Ghost are following hirelings.  The scripture said that the hireling sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep to get caught by the wolf (John 10:12).

The Hireling and The Coming Beast System

As our steps quicken towards the End of the Age, we are told in the Word that the enemy will get bolder with his attacks against Yahweh’s people because he knows that he only has a short time before he is bound. The enemy is the wolf also known as the beast system.  The hireling makes his living off of the sheep, but when the pressure gets too great and he or she knows that their gig is up, they will abandon the sheep to the wolf.  The scripture implies that the hireling is not ignorant because he sees the wolf coming, but the sheep in his care do not.

Now ask yourself this- If the hireling can see the danger coming then why doesn’t he or she guide the sheep out of danger or at least warn them about the approaching wolf so that they are not caught by the wolf?  Also, by whom has the hireling been hired?  When he or she lifts their artificial “covering” off of the sheep at the precise moment that the beast system decides to clamp down on the saints, you will know the answers to both of those questions!!

True believers are always looking for fellowship with the brotherhood, and the devil knows this. That is why acceptance into most fellowship assemblies is dependent on the acceptance of the hireling’s artificial “covering.”  It’s a trap, folks.

Deaf Sheep Caught By Wolf

Twisted doctrine almost always gets interjected into these groups to place a wedge between the sheep and the true Shepherd Yahushua. They are counting on lazy sheep who will not take the time to read the word of Yah or pray; these sheep are often distracted by the things of this world-e.g. shopping, smart phone apps, t.v., and video games.

The hireling gains the trust and faith that only belongs to the true Shepherd; in this way, the hireling has climbed in through another way and is considered a thief and a robber (John 10:1).  The sheep also have little excuse because they have either not cultivated a relationship with the real Master, or they have unfaithfully chosen to follow a stranger in exchange for fellowship.

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