Keep the Commands of Yahweh and Faith of Yahushua

Scripture References: Ezekiel 33:19; Isaiah 13:9; Psalm 81:8-12; John 14:17; Colossians 3:5; Jeremiah 7:18; Jeremiah 6:10

We who do not deserve Yahweh’s mercy are being given hope.  I’m talking about what I recently read in Ezekiel 33:19.  It said that those who turn from wickedness and do that which is lawful and right shall live thereby.  The problem is that many are deceived into believing that they are already doing what is right and lawful.

When we follow false doctrines and/or disobey in minor areas, we little by little move further away from discovering and understanding the truths that have always been captured in the Word of Yah. The same way that we move line upon line, precept upon precept to grow in Yahweh is the same way we can digress from the truth.

The Sin Trap of Idolatry

The major way that most Israelites or the people who call themselves Yahweh’s people continue to wander from the truth is through idolatry. Idolatry is a sin against Yahweh and a cancer to the human race.  Yahweh warns us about having strange g-ds among us and about worshipping any strange g-ds (Psalm 81:8-12).

Most people do not care about sins against the Creator; when the sin impacts humanity or them personally, they start to care a lot!  The sin against the Creator should be enough for us to fear.  However, since most have left off fearing Him, He has allowed humanity as a whole to be deceived into spreading the cancer among ourselves to our own detriment.

We will not realize the full ramifications until we are on the precipice of extinction it seems. Let’s examine some of the connections between idolatry and the decline of humanity. Idolatry stems from covetousness as Paul points out in (Colossians 3:5).  Covetousness leads to the following sins against humanity whether in heart or actual physical action:

  • Theft
  • Murder
  • Adultery
  • Other sexual sins

Evil spirits appeal to mankind’s already fallen nature to cheat and steal to obtain material goods that others have.  It may lead to murder out of jealousy.  It often leads to murder when people fear that their livelihoods or future material prospects (idolatry) will be hampered by an unplanned pregnancy, or they just do not want the lifelong connection to the other contributor of that pregnancy with whom they were so unwisely entangled.

No matter the reason, sin is sin and requires repentance and the blood of Yahushua.

Another sin that finds its root in idolatry is adultery.  Some instances of adultery have become acceptable in the world and in the apostate churches.  Most people still frown upon a cheating spouse, but approve of remarriage when things go awry in a first marriage relationship.  Meanwhile, the evil spirits that have already been called into this dimension are going to make sure things go awry in as many biblically “legal” marriages as possible.

The wronged spouse often rationalizes that it is okay to “move on” because they were not the one who broke vows initially. Meanwhile, this practice has lead humanity to commit a sort of legal spouse swapping, and the land has been polluted.  You know that the devil is behind it when the practice is made to look glamorous by the various celebrities.

Idolatry and the Mark of the Beast

Idolatry also involves witchcraft.  Those graven images that were prevalent in ancient times and still around today were markers for evil spirits to gain access into this dimension.  These evil spirits hate humanity and when they are welcomed into this realm they seek to promote corruption on all levels.  They know that the violation of Yahweh’s laws call for punishment and even death in some cases.

Their judgment is already set, but they want to bring humans down with them.  Some of the ways that they ensnare the religious crowd is through getting the masses to celebrate satanically inspired pagan festivals such as Christmas and Easter.

These festivals have connections to the pagan practices described in Jeremiah 7:18 where the whole family participated in the worship of the queen of heaven.  The higher ups in the religious organizations know the truth about these festivals and often have other occultic connections. That is why the known pagans view Christianity with scorn; they recognize their practices within these assemblies.

If you do not believe me, conduct an experiment.  Research these festivals, gather the truth about why they are celebrated rather than the feasts ordained by Yahweh, and present it to those “church leaders.”  See how they respond to the truth.

The mark of their father in their forehead (mindset toward the truth) and/or in their right hand (actions toward the truth) will be apparent to you.  You may only have one mark.  If you do not have Yahweh’s mark, then you have the mark of the beast by default.

Keep the Commands of Yahweh With Faith in Yahushua

All of these sins can be rationalized on some level by many because Yahweh said that since we did not listen to Him we were given up to our own hearts’ lusts to walk in our own counsels (Ps 81:12).  He knows that we cannot shake the deception by ourselves or through our own understanding.  The truth only comes by His Spirit who is at work drawing the last batch of us back to truth.

When we act upon the truth that is revealed to us, the Spirit begins to reveal more.  Next thing you know you are getting an invitation to the marriage supper because you have received the Spirit of truth (John 14:17). Hallelujah!!

We can be assured that the judgments of Yahweh are fast approaching; all the signs have appeared and are easily seen by those who are looking.  We also know that the sinners will be destroyed out of the land during this time (Isaiah 13:9).

I know that this day is right around the corner because of some dreams that I’ve had (some posted, some not); other believers with whom I have no personal relationships have confirmed elements of the dreams.

The time is now to seek Yahweh and the truth in His word.  Make sure that you are not following apostate doctrines.  Ask Yahweh to show you His truth and take His Word literally. I’m not being self-righteous or hypocritical, I am just glad for the opportunity to repent!!

I recently had a short dream about my ears.  In the dream someone asked what was that mark inside my ear.  I said that it was a scratch, a cut.  They said, oh- I thought it was just dirt! I continued to say “no” it is a cut.  I woke up and didn’t think anything of it until I was led to read Jeremiah 6:10…

“To whom shall I speak, and give warning, that they may hear? Behold, their ear is uncircumcised, and they cannot hearken: behold, the word of the Master is unto them a reproach; they have no delight in it.”

If Yahweh can forgive me and cause me to hearken through a circumcised ear, He can most assuredly do the same for you.  Take the steps toward truth today; you will soon be very glad that you did!!!

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