Flight From Babylon

Scripture References: Ezekiel 26:7; Daniel 2:45; Daniel 1:2; Genesis 10:9,10; Revelation 12:3; Revelation 13:1; Jeremiah 50:28; Psalm 37:34; Psalm 37:9,10; Matthew 24:40; Matthew 5:5; Daniel 4:17; Jeremiah 51:6; Jeremiah 50:8; Genesis 19:17

Shalom to the brethren of believers. I am seeking Yahweh about what it means to flee Babylon. To the natural eye, this task is daunting because I have some preconceived notions of what Babylon entails. I am praying and will continue to seek the Master about what is Babylon, where is it located, and how as well as when to flee.  I hope this post inspires you to do the same.

What is Babylon?

My only real reference about the city of Babylon comes from the Bible.  Babylon was the capital of the ancient world kingdom ruled by the biblical king Nebuchadnezzar (Nebz).  Nebz was appointed by Yahweh as a king of kings (Ezekiel 26:7), and the place from which he ruled was ordained by Yahweh to be a kind of model or flagship for the temporary world system kingdoms.

Babylon was the head of gold in Nebz’s dream which the prophet Daniel interpreted. The rest of the body was made up of progressively inferior materials right down to the toes, but it was to encompass the entire globe.  Even though the Babylonian kingdom with its body is temporary by Yahweh’s design (Daniel 2:45), we can make the comparison with the Messiah’s kingdom.

Master Yahushua is the head, and we make up the members of His body universally. Master Yahushua holds the title of King of Kings.  The most important difference between the two kingdoms is that the Messiah’s kingdom is not of this world and is eternal.  It is built on a stronger foundational doctrine established in righteousness by Yahweh.  The Babylonian kingdom’s foundation will be shattered by the Messiah.

Babylon was a training ground for righteous Israelites and a sort of holding cell for the rebellious ones. It was a place for Yahweh to demonstrate to end time believers what to expect and the code of conduct while in Babylon. He chose the Israelite princes Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah as examples of how his children were supposed to behave.

Location of Babylon

Many historians would declare that the area in modern Bagdad, Iraq is the site of ancient Babylon, and it probably is the ancient site headquarters for the kingdom of Babylon that was ruled by Nebz.  However, the kingdom of Babylon had many provinces spread across the known world with one of them being the “capital” province named Babylon.

The scriptures allude to the fact that Babylon was also located in the land of Shinar (Daniel 1:2) which was also the seat of Nimrod’s kingdom (Genesis 10:9,10).  Many believe that the name Babylon was derived from the word Babel as in the tower of Babel.  This is interesting if you have studied the reason for the tower and spiritual geographic portals.

For example, one portal was/is located at Bethel a.k.a Luz.  A study of this subject will shed light upon one reason why Yahweh only designated certain places for His people to perform blood sacrifices to Him.

Even though it was an ancient kingdom, the methods and practices of  modern Babylon cannot deviate much from the original blue print.  To keep order, there was an intelligence network along with all the political shenanigans of typical world system kingdoms that we see today.  We see this when the Chaldeans spied and reported about the activities of the three Hebrew children and later Daniel.

Even without smart phones and the internet, the ancient Babylonian network was tight. The tight network meant that you were basically stuck until an act of Yahweh intervened and freed you because there would be nowhere on earth to which to flee.

That brings us to modern times. Babylon is still a global operation (possibly an interstellar one but that’s another blog post!). The earthly,mortal kings come and go, but the Babylonian agenda remains intact.

The United States bears a remarkable resemblance to Babylon.  Only a few years back, I remember the USAF’s motto was “global reach, global power for America.” It also has interstellar aspirations.

While many people are not aware that they are enabling the beast system and some of Yahweh’s people are still mixed into the ranks, the ones steering the sinking ship are in the enemy’s camp.  Satan has made sure that his people are liberally sprinkled among the leadership of all world governments.

When you start to make the mistake of naming countries as the “bad guy” just remember that “all the heads are on the same beast” whether it is the old system dragon (Revelation 12:3) or the new world order system beast (Revelation 13:1) that is beginning to take shape. (…thanks Thera for pointing that out on another site.)

Yahweh is still in control just as he was in the days of Nimrod and Nebz. He commands His people to flee Babylon and declare in Zion (that’s the kingdom of Yahweh) the vengeance of Yahweh and of His temple. (Jeremiah 50:28).

How Do We Effectively Flee From Babylon?

So how does one flee from a global Babylon?  We flee to a stronger kingdom; we flee to Mount Zion. By following the laws, statutes, and commands of Yahweh and having faith in the Master Yahushua, we place ourselves as enemies of Babylon.  We are outsiders!

We can also look to the examples of the three Hebrew children Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah who would not worship the counterfeit world system god when they knew and served the Most High Eloha.

At their level, the three Hebrew children were too high profile to physically escape from Babylon unnoticed; physical escape could only happen through supernatural means. As we know, they did escape the judgment fire but not by our normal definition of “escape.”

They weren’t running around trying to make escape plans either because they were already out of Babylon spiritually.  They purposed in their hearts from the beginning to not be corrupted by the system.  Those soldiers didn’t have to get ready, they were already prepared! They never lost their identity as Israelites.

However, Yahweh knows that most of us have not prepared ourselves.  For us, He states “Come out of her my people.” Our Israelite identity had been lost through our sin and adherence to false religious doctrines that originated from satanically inspired Mystery Babylon.

Following the commands of Yahweh and being covered in the blood of Yahushua enables us to become equipped to handle the inevitable physical trials in the same manner demonstrated by the three Hebrew children.

The account of the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace also blows pre-tribulation rapture arguments out of the water.  Notice how the strong men that threw the Hebrews into the furnace were killed by the fire (judgment), but the Hebrews escaped unharmed.

Another clue is given by the Psalmist David in Psalm 37:34 where he stated, “when the wicked are cut off, you will see it.” He said in Psalm 37:9,10 that the meek would look around diligently, but the wicked shall not be found.  Remember the Master’s words, two shall be in the field one shall be taken and the other left (Matthew 24:40). The meek shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5).

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe in the return of the Messiah, the resurrection of the saints, and the meeting of the saints in the air.  I just believe different saints will have various jobs to do during this time frame. All the jobs will involve activities that bring glory to Yahweh.

Fleeing With a Sense of Urgency

Why the sense of urgency? Because no matter how good the illusion of power, Babylon is being watched by higher authority.  This was demonstrated when Nebz was puffed up with pride and didn’t acknowledge that he was king only by the grace of the Eternal King of heaven.  The heavenly watchers had been observing him, and by their heavenly committee they decided that it was time to humble Nebz (Daniel 4:17).

When they got finished with Nebz, he not only looked crazy, but he actually was crazy for seven years. So we know with whom we are dealing, and it’s a reminder to us to don humility daily.  If they did this to a man that was appointed a king, we certainly need to watch our steps.  Continue to thank Yahweh for provision and ask for continued daily bread.

**Note: After writing a first draft of this post, I heard a spirit chuckle and say, “Yeah, he looked like Chewbacca.” Saints, please know that the heavenly hosts commanded by the Master Yahushua are real and are greater than those following the enemy!**

Babylon is only a temporary training ground. Upon completion of this present age, those same angelic servants are going to gather Yahweh’s people to live and operate in the new Messianic Age. The ones still espousing Babylonian doctrines (“mindset” in the forehead and “actions” in the hand equals = mark of the beast) will be thrown into the winepress of Yahweh’s wrath.

Right Time to Flee Babylon

One should flee Babylon spiritually as soon as possible.  Once you receive the revelation that the system is counterfeit and you accept Yahweh’s Spirit of truth, you are already on the right path away from the winepress of wrath.  Your spiritual ears will start to open as well, and Yahweh’s Spirit will tell you where to go and when.

The angels have already declared that Babylon has fallen; they seem to always give fair warning in dreams and visions.  When the time is up for its temporary rule, the kingdom of Babylon will fall physically as well.  I believe that the angels/watchers will start gathering Yahweh’s people out of harm’s way as they did for Lot in Sodom.  They are very capable and have been given authority by the Master Yahushua to lead us to safety.

I am praying and seeking the Master about this especially since Jeremiah 51:6 clearly states to flee for our lives out of Babylon.  Also, Jeremiah 50:8 states to go forth out of the LAND of the Chaldeans so it appears that there will be a physical evacuation.

Remember when the angels finally dragged Lot and his family out of Sodom and told Lot to “flee to the mountain lest you be consumed” (Genesis 19:17).  Lot wanted to go to a little heathen city called Zoar out of fear of mountain living, and the angels granted his request.  He still ended up living in a cave in the mountain; this indicates that the inhabitants of Zoar didn’t exactly roll out the welcome mat for him.

This time there won’t be any Zoars left. Please, people of Yahweh, do not ask the angels to spare any of these demon infested cities whether small or great!   This is just a reminder that we need to be obedient, patient, and full of faith until the end.


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