144,000 Elect Not Defiled By Spiritual Adultery

Scripture References: Revelation 14:4,5; Revelation 17:14; Revelation 17:5; I Timothy 4:1; Jeremiah 10:1-5; Jeremiah 3:6; Jeremiah 44:8;I John 1:9; Deuteronomy 6:5; Luke 21:36; Galatians 4:29

We have entered into the 30 days prior to the Feast of Trumpets. It is the sixth month on Yah’s calendar. This is a time of Teshuvah (Repentence) in preparation for the Feast of Trumpets (which may in fact be the last one since we are living at the end of the age).

Spiritual Adultery Requires Teshuvah

As we look to root out sin in our lives, we must address the problem of spiritual adultery. The sin of spiritual adultery is prevalent in our society because the prince of this world has made it easy for people to take the broad road away from eternal life.

Spiritual adultery is so subtle that even the people that attend church regularly have succumbed to it often without realizing it. Without the prompting of the Ruach Ha Kodesh, we are all doomed to fall into this trap. Hallelujah for the Ruach Ha Kodesh!!

Modern Day Churches Are The Daughters of Babylon/Rome

Yahushua stated that His elect were virgins not defiled with women (Revelation 14:4).  I believe that the women in this instance are the daughters of Babylon/daughters of Rome. Their mother is the infamous woman that rides the beast and has the name “Mystery Babylon the Great, The Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth.”

Espousing the doctrines of Babylon and her daughters constitutes unfaithfulness to our Master Yahushua and spiritual defilement/ spiritual adultery.

Do Your Doctrines Align With Yah’s Commands

These false doctrines teach that the law of Yah has been done away with and that we do not have to abide by the law as stated in the “old testament” Tanakh.

These doctrinal teachings are often twisted versions of Paul’s writings. They are in fact the “doctrines of devils” spoken of by Paul to Timothy in I Timothy 4:1.

Cultivate A Love Of The Truth

It is no coincidence that the psalmist David stated that a man was blessed when he delighted himself in the law of the Master.  It’s because Yah’s law is truth.

No matter how good the doctrines of men sound, if they violate the commands of Yah then they should be thrown out of our lives individually and corporately in the assemblies. The written Word of Yah is always ground truth, and the spoken word of Yah will always bear witness to the truth in the written Word.

Common teachings of Mystery Babylon and her daughters encourage the following:

  • Worship of other g-ds
  • Bowing down to other g-ds
  • Dishonoring the appointed sabbath day (Yes- it’s still the 7th day of Yah’s calendar!)

You might say, “I don’t do these things.” I said the same thing until I asked the Ruach Ha Kodesh to reveal the truth to me. He began to reveal truth little by little. The more truth that I was obedient to follow, the more truth was revealed to me.

I’ve come to the point where I realize how spiritually low I am in comparison to the Master. However, there is no excuse to remain spiritually low when we’ve been given the free gift of the Ruach Ha Kodesh. Again, Hallelujah for the Ruach Ha Kodesh!!!

Here’s truth. Most of the traditions of men have pagan roots. An example is the celebration of festivals like Christmas and E-ster. Even though they have a Christian facade, the roots are pagan and an abomination to the Master.

Many of the traditions stem from Babylon. The name of Babylon is derived from the word Babel which means confusion. The confusion lies in the fact that some of Yah’s truth is mixed in with pagan lies creating a hybrid, unrighteous religion that people are all too willing to follow.

The festival of Christmas is just the old Babylonian/Roman festival of Saturnalia repackaged to deceive the masses. We are clued in to the deception because the deceivers must hang on to accoutrements of their idolatry – the Christmas tree is only one example.

When approached to get rid of these items, I find that the deceivers first make excuses and then they just get nasty. Their nastiness stems from the fact that they are idolators at heart!

Here’s the scoop on why Christmas and its accoutrements are bad news.  First, Yah commanded us to keep His feast days and not attend the sacrifices/festivals of the heathen. Christmas is one of the sacrifices / festivals of the heathen; research “Saturnalia” and its connection to Christmas.

The Christmas tree is described in Jeremiah 10:1-5 where the prophet states that the heathen cut down trees, fasten them down so that they do not move, and deck the tree with silver and gold. In Jeremiah 3:6 backsliding Israel is described as playing the harlot under every green tree. Jeremiah was describing the idolatrous Christmas tree of today!

Saints, it is no coincidence that children are taught to kneel down under a Christmas tree to get presents. They are being taught early that there are gifts to be had if you’ll only bow before an idol.  They are being taught to choose the pleasures of sin for a season instead of righteousness, and everything appears innocent.

But We Have Grace To Repent- Hallelujah!

Idolatry was and still is a way that people through the influence of the enemy “cut themselves off” from Yah (Jeremiah 44:8). BUT – We are given the grace to repent during this time period because of the sacrifice that the Master Yahushua made for us.

Make no mistake- our sin is no less egregious to Yah, but we do have the opportunity to turn from sin and be cleansed from all unrighteousness (I John 1:9).

Apply The Greatest Of All Commandments

Saints, we know to repent and turn from the obvious sins of physical immorality and sins against other people. However, we sometimes miss the greater sins against our Creator.

The greatest command is to love the master your Eloha with all your heart, soul, and might (Deuteronomy 6:5). The next is to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Let’s get it right before the Master Yahushua returns. The Father has committed all judgment into Yahushua’s hands. Please join me in the repentence process so that we all may stand in the presence of the Son of Man (Luke 21:36). Many will not be able to stand because they did not Believe enough to just Repent!

Count It All Joy

***Just A Warning Note: Putting these truths into practice is guaranteed to get you persecuted. Paul explained why in his letter to the Galatians…

“We, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of the promise (we are born of the Spirit). But as then he that was born of the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit so it is right now! (Galatians 4:29).”

We understand that those led by the Ruach ha Kodesh are the children of Yah and the heirs to the kingdom.
Shalom in the Master Yahushua!!

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