Hope of Atonement

Scripture References: II Kings 24:4; Romans 9:18; Romans 2:11; II Peter 3:9

During this year’s day of atonement, I was doing some reading and reflecting on the atonement of sin. Yah led me to read about Manasseh king of Judah. The life of Manasseh was filled with wickedness until he had an experience with the Most High. He rebuilt the altars to false g-ds, practiced witchcraft by dealing with a familiar spirit, took his children through the fire, and shed much innocent blood.

Abortion’s Role in Idolatry

The last few blog posts have been about spiritual adultery and elements of idolatry present in our culture. Abortion is another element of ancient idolatry that has found its way back into modern society just by using a different moniker. This is a dangerous sin. If you are contemplating a decision about abortion or know someone who is, please take the time to read and forward this blog post.

I am not trying to shake the faith of those who have repented of this sin because Yahushua said that whom the Son makes free is free indeed. The purpose of this blog post is primarily to warn others before they go down the wrong road and to encourage the rest of us to repent.

King Manasseh’s Meeting With Yah

Manasseh called on Yah after he had committed sin. He  had been warned several times by the prophets of Yah to cease from sin and stop leading the people into sin. He got the message when Yah called upon the captains of the Assyrians to come get him and take him away captive into Babylon. The scriptures say that he was bound in chains when he finally humbled himself and called upon the Master.

A lot of times this is what is required for us to come to our senses. Manasseh remembered how to call upon the name of the Master, and Yah heard his cry for help. Yah delivered Manasseh in such a way that he knew that Yah was the only Eloha. After that incident, Manasseh cleaned house and tore down the idolatrous altars and centers of worship to false g-ds.

The Sin That Yah Did Not Pardon

But that was not the end of the matter as I learned yesterday by reading through II Kings 24:4. Just because Yah heard the plea of Manasseh didn’t mean that Yah pardoned all of that sin that he committed in Israel.

And HaShem sent against him (Jehoiakim) bands of the Chaldeans, and bands of the Arameans, and bands of the Moabites, and bands of the children of Ammon, and sent them against Judah to destroy it, according to the word of HaShem, which He spoke by the hand of His servants the prophets. Surely at the commandment of HaShem came this upon Judah, to remove them out of His sight, for the sins of Manasseh, according to all that he did; and also for the innocent blood that he shed; for he filled Jerusalem with innocent blood; and HaShem would not pardon.”

That last statement is pretty heavy. Just to clarify the situation, the Master would not pardon that sin even after Manasseh humbled himself and called on the Eloha of his fathers. Yah delivered him out of the hands of his enemies, but He would not pardon the sin.

Please do not think for an instant that Yah has to pardon you because He does not. He didn’t in this instance. This sin results in imprisonment and/or death. Don’t let this happen to you. Flee fornication and run quickly from the sin of shedding innocent blood. If you take this advice, you will be moving in the right direction – away from the devil’s prison house.

Judgement of Yah is Always Just

Yah usually uses other people to chastise His people for sin. Judgement will even come from people who are unrighteous themselves. They will not even know the real reason why they oppose you so vehemently.

The real reason for the opposition is because Yah is driving them to do His will. Later, they too will face His judgement at the last day. Since they have spent so much time persecuting  repentant sinners, they will not be shown much mercy by Yah if they did not take the time to repent themselves prior to the white throne judgement. You just have to be glad that Yah softened your heart enough to repent.

Repentance Is Part of Yah’s Perfect Will

Some might say why should we repent if there is no hope of a pardon. The scriptures stated that Yah would not pardon, but it does not say that He cannot pardon that sin. Romans 9:18 states that He has mercy on whom He will, and He hardens the hearts of whom He will. He is able to see deeper into our hearts than we can see.

Even though we know that Yah is no respect of persons (Romans 2:11), the punishment of sending all of Judah into Babylonian exile for 70 years was a direct result of the leadership’s sin. The scriptures prove that there are always consequences to sin. Even if one repents, the consequences are lasting.

Our only hope is genuine repentance and putting our complete trust in the Master Yahushua. He did the perfect will of Yah while He was here on earth, and He taught His disciples to teach and do the will of Yah even after He ascended into heaven. Peter stated that the will of Yah was that none should perish but that all would come to repentance; this is why Yah is so long-suffering (II Peter 3:9).

Many were hoping (including me!) that this would be the last feast of trumpets and day of atonement, but Yah remains long-suffering. There must be others still out there that He wants to call to repentance today.

Shalom in the Master Yahushua!

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