How Do You Get Saved?

Scripture References: John 6:44-51; Exodus 22:26-27

Most people believe that the salvation process begins by an acceptance of the Savior. Someone tells a person about the sacrifice of the Savior and that person says a sinner’s prayer to admit sin and accept the Savior. But is that the scriptural way that one is led into a relationship with the Master?

No One Comes To The Master Unless The Father Draws Him

Let’s go through the process biblically. Yahushua/Jehoshua stated that nobody will have access to the Father or eternal life except through Him. He also stated that no one will truly come to Him unless the Father draws that person. He said that according to the prophets everyone who belongs in the family will all be taught of the Father (John 6:45). Everyone who learns of the Father will come unto the Master Yahushua/Jehoshua to be saved.

You know what that means? That means that true salvation is not gained through simply reciting a sinner’s prayer. It looks as if salvation takes a little bit of time getting to know the Father. When the Father’s character is known and loved, then He directs us into a relationship with His Son.

Learning of Yah Through His Word

How do we learn of Yah? We learn of Yah primarily through reading the scriptures in their entirety. The law, prophets, writings, gospels, and epistles all reflect the character of Yah. For example, it is not until you read the law that you really understand Yah’s care of the poor. One law in particular prohibits someone from taking a cloak as surety for a loan overnight. Yah said that because the poor person would not have adequate covering during cold or inclement nights. That law shows the level of detail that Yah sees regarding man even though He sits as sovereign over a vast universe (Exodus 22:26-27).

Another example that we see in the scriptures of people being led into a relationship with the Master is on the Day of Pentecost as recorded in Acts 2. The account portrayed people who heard the gospel in their native languages because of the impartation of the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) given to the disciples who were waiting in an upper room in Jerusalem.

The question that should be asked is what were all these Jewish converts doing in Jerusalem during this time? They were there because they already were being taught by the Father and were in Jerusalem to obediently keep the feast of Pentecost. The Ruach ha Kodesh witnessed to them about Yah’s salvation also known as Yahushua/ Jehoshua.

 Follow The Scriptural Pattern Not The Traditions of Men

Do you see the pattern? Learning of Yah leads to a relationship with His Son. So when a person leads someone in the sinner’s prayer without that person having any knowledge of the Father, they are leading them into a relationship with whom? They may be leading them into a relationship with a church assembly or an idea of a Savior. However, they must be taught of Yah before coming to the Master Yahushua/Jehoshua.

If you do not take the time to read about Him in the His Word, then you will not know Him or His Son no matter how many prayers you are led to recite. Some are “accepting” someone that they do not yet know or understand at the word of another human that may or may not have been taught of the Father either.

I hope this is incentive for you to seek to be taught of the Father personally. I know from experience that the Father will not disregard or abandon someone who seeks Him with their whole heart.


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