Two Beasts Rising

References: Revelation 13:3; II Thessalonians 2:3;Revelation 17:5; Daniel 2:41-44

The revelation given to the Apostle John described two beasts that usher in the time of Yah’s Judgment. The first beast rises out of the sea. The second beast later rises out of the earth. Both have one agenda for a one world government that is based on the Nimrod/Luciferian model which was operating during the time of the Tower of Babel. Their mission along with all who assist them is to complete Nimrod’s (Lucifer) rebellious work.

Beast Rising Out Of The Sea

The first beast that rises out of the sea has seven heads and ten horns. We have seen this beast rise just recently. Prophecy students in the past speculated about this beast and suggested that it was a leader within the papacy, the U.N., or even the U.S. However, recent events make recognizing this beast a little easier to do.

Revelation 17:5 defines sea/waters as people. This beast rises out of the will of the people which I believe is due to the spread of democracy not constrained by the laws of Yah. Democratic governments are supposed to be “by the people, for the people.” At no other time in history has so many nations experienced this push toward democracy. This push is needed because the people must willing assist in the completion of Nimrod’s (Lucifer) work (…to ascend into heaven and be like the Most High).

The first beast has seven heads and ten horns. This description is significant because it is a time marker for those prophecy students who wanted to jump the gun and start identifying the beast too early. The seven heads represents the complete world system.

The ten horns are same ten kings that rule the entire world system with the anti-Messiah as their leader; Daniel saw them as ten toes of a clay/iron mixture that were to rule during the latter days (Daniel 2:41-44). I believe that these ten kings have authority over ten regions that cover the entire planet. Revelation 13:3 confirms that the first beast’s power extends to the whole world.

“…and all the world wondered after the beast.” Revelation 13:3

A key indicator that this beast rises in our day is the spread of democracy across the planet. The idea of worldwide democracy sounds great on the surface, yet it is being used to fulfil end time scriptures.

Beast Rising Out Of The Earth

The beast that rises out of the earth has two horns as a lamb but speaks as a dragon. The phrase “rising out of the earth” I believe is an indicator that this person is of the indigenous peoples of the earth and not of the peoples who mixed with unclean angels to produce genetic hybrids. I know it sounds weird, but it’s just my thoughts on this based on Daniel 2:43 – “…they shall mingle with the seed of men.” If Yah reveals otherwise to me, I’ll gladly stand corrected and make an update letting everyone know.

The characteristic description of the two horns as a lamb but speaking as a dragon indicates that this is a false religious figure. It represents not just any false religion; it represents apostate, pagan Christianity. No other religion that I know of has the Lamb as its central figure but true Christianity.

So this figure looks like true Christianity but speaks like the devil just as many churches look like Christianity but have pagan/satanic elements in their worship. These churches are all daughters of Rome practising the Babylonian religion started in earnest by Nimrod (Lucifer).

The Vatican sets policies for these paganistic christian activities for the whole world. The recent voluntary retirement of the current leader of the RCC is very significant. According to mainstream media, he said that he did not have the mental and physical strength to continue with the job and that he was retiring for the “good of the church.”

It seems as though the prayers of the saints have been heard. Those of us who have prayed for the time of trouble to be shortened may be seeing an answer to prayer. It could be this current leader is stepping aside to give way to someone else who will fulfil the prophetic end time scriptures. This person will praise the first beast and encourage everyone to worship/follow/praise this figure.

Why I Believe That We Are Close To The Day of Gathering?

We are waiting for two things to happen before the return of Yahushua…

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day (the time of the gathering) shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.  II Thessalonians 2:3

1.The Great Falling Away (Apostate/Unfaithful Mystery Babylon Church)- We have that already. Today’s modern day churches would not resemble the powerful, Ruach ha Kodesh filled early church very much at all. The pagan practices passed down through the traditions of men cause this group to be unfaithful to the true gospel.

2. The Man Of Sin Is Revealed???? I believe we are seeing this happen right now.

We are just waiting for the anti-Messiah to reveal himself outright. We can all make assumptions as to who this person is and his background, but at this point it is just assumptions. I believe that he is bringing war against the saints right now in an undercover fashion and is overcoming us.

However, his pride will not allow him to continue to operate in this way for much longer, and he will be revealed. When he is revealed, our head the Master Yahushua will destroy him with the brightness of His coming. This will end our tribulation (testing & trials) period and will begin the judgment period for the unbelievers/ rebellious/ willfully disobedient people and those evil angels that were bound.

Some of the pastors are now starting to preach the truth about going through the Great Tribulation in order to prepare their people for troubling times. But are they too late??? There are some of us that are already heavily experiencing the system’s harassment. The ones that are not going through these necessary trials claim they are “blessed of g-d,” and they wonder why we are not prospering too. This indicates that they will still be taken by surprise when the Master returns!

The reason that I believe that the time is relatively close is mainly because of prophecy, my personal experience, and the dream about the “store/gathering” that I posted under the Dreams & Visions page last year. During the dream, the experienced store clerk told me that I could take off the bottom half of my garments, but I declined because when the heat was turned up I said that I was only a little uncomfortable, not enough for shedding clothes.

I now realize that the environment was hot because of heavy persecution, and the reference to the bottom half of my clothes meant my body down here on this earth. In that dream, I did not remove the bottom garments so I believe that the events that I received in the dream will occur while I still have this earthly body.

Continue to watch and pray, saints. No matter what happens in this deceptive world system, it’s great to know that we have eternal salvation through the Master Yahushua – Yah of Salvation!


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