Nat Turner’s Dead Sea Scroll Connection

References: Zephaniah 3:10; Acts 2:17; Joel 2:28; Genesis 10:21-30; Genesis 10:14; Genesis 10:4; Luke 21:24; Acts 1:11

The reason that I am fascinated with the heritage of the Black Hebrew Israelites is because I’m interested in truth, and I know that identifying the true Israelites is a key to true prophecy interpretation. When I learned through scriptures of the links between Black people especially those who were strategically sent to America and the Israelites of the Bible (Zephaniah 3:10), I began vigorously researching Black people with slave ancestry in America who operated authentically in the prophetic realm.

Whose Sons and Daughters Would Prophesy?

This is the time of the end when the Biblical prophets told the people that your sons and daughters would prophesy, dream and have visions (Acts 2:17, Joel 2:28). When I realized that those prophets and people were people of color (e.g. Zephaniah son of Cushi), I considered that the modern day prophetic children would be of color too. I had additional confirmation because of my own dreams, but I began looking around the internet and well-stocked libraries to find others like me.

Nat Turner’s Famous Slave Revolt

While doing the research, something triggered information stored in my childhood memory banks about an historical figure named Nat Turner. Nat Turner was born a slave in 1800 near a town in southeastern Virginia called ironically Jerusalem, Virginia; today the town is named Courtland. The Southampton County town was less than a hundred miles away from the initial spot where slaves were traditionally brought to market.

Nat Turner is famous for leading a slave revolt in the Southampton County area. Nat was captured and surrendered his sword in 1831. For his misdeeds that led to the deaths of over 50 white slave holders and their progeny, he was beaten, hanged and his body was dismembered with parts kept for some sort of morbid trophies. Legend has it that his skin was turned into several purses, and one turned up during the 1940s at a Southampton county fair as an historical exhibit. I guess he really made some people angry.

Hitting Close To Home

Most people who have read about my testimony on this blog know that I am from Virginia. In fact, I was born and raised less than fifty miles from the area of Nat Turner’s famous slave rebellion. My dad also reminded me as a child that his grandmother was a Turner from that area. He encouraged me to read the Confessions of Nat Turner when I had the time. I had no idea the significance of the information that he shared until my adult years.

Fast forward about 27 years. I was called out of darkness and can hear the Master’s voice. However, I am still expected to do the work, dig and research. The Spirit does not just answer all of my questions at once. When I start researching and sharing His truths, He starts helping me by bringing scriptures back to my memory or even whispering the chapter and verse to me or giving me a dream which is rare. That is how it has been working recently.

Nat Turner’s Visions

As I researched about Black Hebrew Israelites in history, I remembered that before the rebellion Nat Turner had dreams or visions as well. No, they weren’t the kind that Martin Luther King Jr. had of us all integrating together and being judged by the content of our character. Nat Turner dreamed of a totally different type of judgement.

When I first read about Nat Turner’s dreams, I really did not know what to make of them because I did not have enough life experiences (spiritual, mental or physical) from which to draw upon. But I did remember his dream according to the historical account that I read about in the Confessions of Nat Turner. Here is what he confessed to have seen in a series of visions…

“I saw white spirits and black spirits engaged in battle, and the sun was darkened-the thunder rolled in the heavens, and blood flowed in streams…” The Confessions of Nat Turner, the leader of the late insurrection, in Southhampton (county), by Thomas R. Gray, VA…Baltimore, 1831

 “He saw lights in the sky and prayed to find out what they meant. Then “… while laboring in the field, I discovered drops of blood on the corn, as though it were dew from heaven, and I communicated it to many, both white and black, in the neighborhood; and then I found on the leaves in the woods hieroglyphic characters and numbers, with the forms of men in different attitudes, portrayed in blood, and representing the figures I had seen before in the heavens.” The Confessions of Nat Turner, the leader of the late insurrection, in Southhampton (county), by Thomas R. Gray, VA…Baltimore, 1831

Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Remember the excitement of the state of Israel when it acquired the Dead Sea Scrolls for its national cultural treasure house? No. Neither do I, but according to the historic accounts, it was a time marked by an eclectic mix of excitement, war and controversy. Let’s rewind about 76 years to the area then controlled by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan near the Dead Sea.

Arab bedouins residing in the area near the Dead Sea had excavation experience working for archaeologists and were conducting some freelance work apparently. Anyway, they discovered several scrolls in varying conditions while combing through a series of ten separate caves near Qumran along the shores of the Dead Sea. Knowing that the scrolls and fragments were valuable to antiquities dealers but not to what extent, they collaborated with an antiquities dealer that they trusted to sell the scrolls that they continued to find ahead of the real archaeologists.

Through a series of clandestine meetings and under the table dealings, a minister within the Syrian Orthodox Christian Church held on to the last important scrolls before he sold them under mysterious circumstances to the state of Israel for a paltry $250,000. The scrolls collectively date from 250 B.C. to 68 A.D. I don’t think anyone would argue that finding the Dead Sea Scrolls was the archaeological discovery of the century.

The Scroll of the War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness (Milchama)

One of the very first scrolls to end up in the hands of the new Israeli government was the Milchama or War Scroll. In the beginning of my spiritual awakening, I studied Qumran’s Essene community to learn about their dietary practices and vegetarianism/veganism. This book was called the Manual of Discipline. However, I did not until recently read the War Scroll.

The War Scroll was a part of the writings that did not appear in the traditional canon of Scripture that we know today. Most people believe that the Dead Sea Scrolls contained the old manuscripts of their scriptures that they read today, and they are only partially right. The Dead Sea Scrolls contain the traditional Biblical scriptures and many of the writings of those ancient times. That is why it is considered the find of the century. The scriptures found with these writings lend some authenticity to the rest of the writings found among them.

I won’t beat around the bush, I’ll steer you to the relevant points, links to the document and encourage you to read the entire document for yourself. Here’s the link… the War Scroll begins on page 201 of The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English by Vermes. 

Let’s look at some interesting points…

The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness is describing an end time battle that is led by a Messianic figure. I believe this figure to be the Master Yahushua upon His return. What is really interesting about the account is that believers or the “Sons of Light” are not on the defensive any more. The time of the Great Tribulation has passed, and they have been empowered to wear the enemy completely out!

The army of Belial (or the devil) is on the defensive this time. Belial’s army is described in detail as a mixture of forces from all the sons of Noah. Shemites- Edom, Moab, and the Sons of Ammon (Genesis 10:21-30). Hamites- The various sons of the Philistines and the sons of the East who are a mixture of Shem and Ham (Genesis 10:14; Genesis 10:21-30)

Japheth- all the bands of the Kittim. (Genesis 10:4)

**Note: The sons of Japheth are mentioned prominently because they are in leadership positions during the “time of the Gentiles” **

In fact the king of the Kittim during that time will trigger the coming of Yah’s salvation and the end of the times of the Gentiles (Luke 21:24). According to the War scroll, “This shall be a time of salvation for the people of Yah (name restored), an age of dominion for all the members of His company, and of everlasting destruction for all the company of Belial. The confusion of the sons of Japheth shall be great and Assyria shall fall unhelped.”

The scrolls even speak about the sell-out Black people who actually are descendants of the tribes of Judah, Levi and Benjamin who are classified as the “unrighteous of the Covenant.” These people are still exiled in the desert (the home base of their slavery), and they too will battle against the sons of light who move from the desert of the peoples to the desert of Jerusalem. After the battle, they go up to Jerusalem (I believe this is the New Jerusalem!!!).

This is the real reason why the enemy (using many white people and even some black people) do not want you to know that the Messiah was anything other than a white, gentile-looking and loving Jesus. The enemy wants to keep everyone from calling on the Hebrew Messiah because He loyally comes in Yehweh’s name and has earned the right to rule. The prophecies in the traditional scriptures and in these Dead Sea Scrolls point to a battle against Belial (the devil) that is already won in the spirit realm.

Okay, the tie in to Nat Turner (no I didn’t forget about him)…

The War Scroll goes into the rules for ordering the battle, and it describes the weaponry used. Here’s a quote about the swords used, “The swords shall be made of pure iron refined by the smelter and blanched to resemble a mirror, the work of a craftsman; on both sides (of their blades) pointing towards the tip, figured ears of corn shall be embossed in pure gold, and they shall have two straight borders on each side.” The account of the battle goes on to describe the immense amounts of blood that will flow during this battle.

Do you now understand the vision about “blood on the corn” that Nat Turner saw? The other signs are kind of self explanatory. Lights in the sky – we know that the Messiah will descend in the same manner that He was taken up per the account in Acts 1:11. Nat saw black and white spirits battling it out, but the color of the spirits do not necessarily match the color of the physical people. It’s a spiritual battle that will manifest in the natural realm.

As unconventional as it sounds, I believe that the whole Slave Revolt in Jerusalem, Virginia was a preview of this very battle. Only the white people who had prior knowledge of the slaves’ true identity could guess what his visions actually meant when he confessed them to their lawyer Thomas Gray before his execution. It was only after about 107 years had passed that the War Scroll would be discovered by the bedouins and somewhat confirm the visions given to Nat Turner.

**Also Note- Nat Turner was captured on 30 October, but his executioners chose 11 November as the day of his death.  The “Confessions” were published and available for sale by 22 November.  At first glance, these appear to be illuminati inspired dates; they like using the number 11 (and its multiples) for some reason that i’ll not explore- e.g. they chose 22 November John F. Kennedy’s assassination act .

Their signature on the hanging date is perhaps another clue that they understood the true meaning of the  dream/vision of Turner and the slave revolt all too well.  An ordinary slave captured on 30 October for those crimes would have been killed on 31 October if not sooner! **

Carrying the Sword

The last point I’ll make before encouraging you to get to your local library with Scriptures in hand is this…

Nat Turner and his associates started off their revolt using axes and farm implements until they acquired more sophisticated weaponry like guns from the slave holders’ households. However, when Nat Turner was captured, his weapon of choice was a sword that he surrendered to a man named Benjamin Phipps. He said that he was hiding out in a hole under a fallen tree that he had dug out with the aid of this very sword.

Knowing then they would betray me, I immediately left my hiding-place, and was pursued almost incessantly, until I was taken, a fortnight afterwards, by Mr. Benjamin Phipps, in a little hole I had dug out with my sword, for the purpose of concealment, under the top of a fallen tree.” The Confessions of Nat Turner, the leader of the late insurrection, in Southhampton (county), by Thomas R. Gray, VA…Baltimore, 1831

Hmm… Captured with a sword reminiscent of the armament of the sons of light while hiding in hole that is eerily similar to the cave in which the Dead Sea War Scroll was hidden for millennia.

I was so intrigued by this that I wrote an email to a college dean of history who had studied and written commentary on the Confessions of Nat Turner. I wanted to find out from him if anyone had made the connection that I had about Turner and the Scrolls and the possibility of Turner being Israelite. I should be hearing from him any day now Hahaha 🙂

Those Worthy To Fight With The Sons of Light

I’m doing my part for the war effort right now, and I’ll be with the Sons of Light in spirit most definitely!

Women and children will not be participating in the actual physical battle according to the accounts in the War Scroll.

The recruitment and age of the soldiers.

(1) and the men of the army shall be from forty to fifty years old. The commissioners of the camps shall be from fifty to sixty years old. The officers
(2) shall-also be from forty to fifty years old. All those who strip the slain, plunder the spoil, cleanse the land, guard the arms,
(3) and he who prepares the provisions, all these shall be from twenty-five to thirty years old. No youth nor woman shall enter their encampments from the time they leave
(4) Jerusalem to go to battle until their return. No one crippled, blind, or lame, nor a man who has a permanent blemish on his skin, or a man affected with ritual uncleanness of
(5) his flesh; none of these shall go with them to battle. All of them shall be volunteers for battle, pure of spirit and flesh, and prepared for the day of vengeance. Any
(6) man who is not ritually clean in respect to his genitals on the day of battle shall not go down with them into battle, for holy angels are present with their army (excerpt taken from the War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness- Dead Sea Scrolls 1QM-copied for instructional purposes only)


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