Disrupting Communications at the Tower of Babel … Again

References: Genesis 11:2; Zechariah 5:11; Jeremiah 50:45; Jeremiah 49:20; Jeremiah 50:2; Genesis 11:4-9; Genesis 28:10-17; Psalm 78:49; I Chron. 1:1

I was recently corresponding with another believer who aptly noted that we live in exciting times and undoubtedly we do!

Most people realize that the rebellious forces on the planet are still trying to complete an ancient building project…the Tower of Babel.  The tower was supposedly used to reach heaven, but I have my suspicions that the tower’s height was only a secondary feature.

Tower of Babel : Gateway of the Nephilim?

I believe that the primary feature of the Tower of Babel had to do with the spiritual significance of its location.

It is assumed that Nimrod was the king that ordered the building of the tower after the flood. He began to be a mighty one in the earth (I Chronicles 1:10). “Mighty One” was the term often used for false deities/fallen angels/ their children the Nephilim who were worshipped as deities. Nimrod’s body was probably used as a host for the spirit of one of the fallen angels’ children. The fallen angels did not die, but their hybrid children died. This is how demons came on the scene according to the Book of Enoch. My theory is that the tower was used as a marker for a portal/stargate/gateway.

The height of the tower was probably for man’s benefit.  Knowing that mankind would multiply and spread themselves across the planet, Nimrod probably ordered the building’s height to be a landmark that most people could not miss even at a distance.

Gateway of the Clean Malakim at Bethel

The clue is given in Genesis 28:10-17 when Jacob went to sleep in the city of Luz in the land of Canaan while he was on the run from his brother Esau. He had a dream of the angels descending and ascending via a ladder and called it a gateway to heaven. Fast forward to Genesis 35:1-10. Jacob came through that area again. This time Jacob was on the run from his father in law Laban.

Before Jacob reached the “gateway” area he told his wives and family to put away their idols, take off their jewelry and change their garments (Genesis 35:2,4). Jacob knew the area was special, and that Yah was with him. Jacob proved himself a smart head of household that day.

Special Note: Jewelry is often associated with idolatry.  Also, garments mentioned in the scriptures symbolize either idolatry-e.g. Babylonish garment (Joshua 7:21) or spiritual purity-e.g. clean garments, white linen (Zechariah 3:3).

When Jacob came to the gateway area, a spirit messenger told him to make an altar to the Most High (sound familiar-kind of like the tower at the religious site at Babel). Although the scriptural account of the altar building did not take 43 years like the account of the building of the tower of Babel in the book of Jubilees, the same principle is demonstrated. Build the altar and the heavens open.

Curious Question

The question is whether Nimrod and his people  wanted to reach heaven or did they want someone from the other side to come to earth? Since they never got the chance to finish the top of the tower as ancient historians verified, we really cannot be sure if they were inviting some being or beings into this dimension or were they themselves trying to go into the next dimension.

The people of Nimrod’s day must have been pretty convinced that they could reach heaven with their ginormous altar to the biblically referenced (Jeremiah 50:2) Merod-ch/M-rduk who by the way has been in the news lately believe it or not. However, the Most High did not want that door opened yet. According to the prophecies, He is waiting until the last judgement to allow the door to be opened.

Opening Gateways to Yah’s Wrath and Judgement

Surprise. It is not going to be a good thing. The Book of Enoch Book of the Watchers describe the beings that are currently held back from this dimension as “evil angels” and they will be released as part of the judgement cycle. The prophet Isaiah’s writings describe the judgement of the heavenly host (Isaiah 24:21). After the beings finish their job as instruments of judgement against rebellious mankind, then they will be judged and sent to their final prison.   A new heaven and new earth will come after that.  I believe that we are living in that time period.

We are at a cross roads and definitely living in exciting times. The Most High can bring down their communications just as He did the first time (Genesis 11:9). This time it will probably involve the disabling of satellite communications; remember the Master said that the stars would fall from the sky (Matthew 24:29). Those satellites are doing the job of the angelic forces (or stars as they are sometimes called) assigned to that function. When those stars/satellites fall from the sky, all communications of the country or countries hit will be disabled.

The Most High’s plans are too ingenious for Him to use them only once. I have a feeling that He will use some country or entity to do His will and make it happen again. The American politicians have made Americans stink abroad through failed foreign policies as well as domestic policies that promote sin. Apparently the beings that they serve thrive on human suffering. Remember- freedom of religion invites all religions including witchcraft, necromancy.  By the way, Abu Graib, Iraq is in the general vicinity of the ancient tower of Babel site.  Any one of the U.S.’s enemies could employ electromagnetic pulse technology to the satellite communications bringing the entire system down…just saying.

I have had this post in my draft pile for a few months now and hesitated to write about the subject because of my very limited scope of knowledge about spiritual gateways on earth.  But recent events with the “lost” Malaysia jet reminded me about the post. My initial reaction to the news was how in the world does a huge jumbo jet just vanish into thin air? Then the latest news stated that the communications system had been hijacked. Keep praying because we know stranger things will probably keep happening.

Even though I feel bad for the families of the people on the plane if reports are true, I remembered that nothing happens by chance.  Also, the media reports are sometimes used to warn those who are really listening.  Others with more knowledge on the subject than I, can do more in depth research.


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