Update On Abib 2014

Enough of my surmising about portals and fallen angels, most people are looking forward to the Biblical New Year. As most of you know, the command went forth to examine the barley as well as watch the skies to determine the beginning of the New Year. I get the report from the Karaite Jewish community in Israel, and yes I’m fully aware of the slight hypocrisy of using their reports even though I do not practice Judaism but bear with me. The Karaites are the closest sect to following scriptural Torah and not the traditions of men, but they do not believe that Yahushua was and is the Messiah.

The Karaites’ first hand account of the search for Abib stage barley during the early part of last week was unsuccessful. They thoroughly searched the country from the Jordan Valley right down to the Negev in the south where warmer weather may have ripened the barley faster but to no avail. One of their agricultural experts by the name of Mark Reuven claimed that the barley still had about three more weeks of growing to do before it will be Abib. Those who follow the biblical command to look at the barley and the new moon sightings to determine the New Year’s beginning will likely celebrate the first of the year during the first part of April (on the Gregorian calendar). This is a wonderful example of how the Most High personally determines the timing of each New Year and not man’s calculations. We wait on Him as He brings the barley to the indicated ripeness knowing that He goes before us lighting our path into the new year.

Here are some videos of this year’s Abib search party. I’ll pass along any additional information as I receive it.

Shalom in the Master Yahushua.

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