Abib Barley 2014 Sighted In Israel

According to Nehemia Gordon’s Karaite Korner newsletter, the Abib or Aviv barley was sighted just yesterday 3/25/14. Now, we’ll wait to see if the new moon will be sighted at the end of this month for the determination of the new year and the upcoming spring feast days.

Shalom to those covered by the blood covenant of the Master Yahushua!

Remember that it is His shed blood that represents the permanence of the everlasting covenant. Moses broke the first tablets symbolizing the covenant sealed with the blood of animals. The second set of tablets remained (same terms and conditions) and is permanent because of the blood of Yahushua shed to redeem His people. The High Priest forever after the order of Melchisedek sacrificed Himself to make the atonement possible.

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