Calling All Prayer Warriors: Pray For CBS Reporter Ben Swann

I’ve had many different confirmations that what I heard in the spirit about politicians being linked to child sex trafficking was true.  Right after I wrote the post 31 Oct/1Nov 2016, I saw article after article about the truth being tracked by law enforcement and certain intelligence agencies.  You can look up the postings by Steve Pieczenik former state department and intelligence agent. However, many people won’t believe that the Most High is uncovering Babylon’s dirt until they hear reports from familiar faces. This reporter from a CBS affiliate, Ben Swann, appears to have risked his career and maybe even his life messing with these criminals.  They can’t muzzle everyone! Please pray for his safety.

“Pizzagate” is the term given to speculations and assertions that there is a pedophile network connecting Democratic Party élites and two Washington, D.C. pizzerias, Besta Pizza and Comet Ping Pong. The latter is a Disneyish pizzeria owned by a homosexual named James Alefantis, who is a former boyfriend of David Brock, a powerful Democratic Party […]

via Failure of American Journalism: Pizzagate and the muzzling of Ben Swann — Fellowship of the Mindsq

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