Catching Heat About the Most High’s Calendar

Hi Family,

As most of you know from my previous posts, I believe that our modern methods of time keeping don’t match the ancient Hebrew calendar that was given by the Most High to Moses.  I just don’t do a good job of explaining my beliefs about the lunar-solar calendar.  And yes, the subject continues to come up within Christendom (probably by Divine will).

Zen Garcia, however, has no such affliction.  While I go on and on about the subject trying to make heads or tails of the old calendar in several posts, Zen Garcia pulled together a coherent explanation of the lunar-solar calendar in one video.  In the embedded video that he published January 2017, he clearly breaks down the calendar and provides scripture references to back up his statements.  I don’t know about his beliefs on other subjects, but his stance on the ancient Hebrew calendar matches mine almost exactly.

You’ll get no judgement from me over the calendar, though.  I believe that it’s important when you’re trying to be as obedient as possible to the law as an Israelite or as one of the strangers who have joined to Israel.  It’s also important to prophecy watchers; you know that the Most High isn’t going to change His calendar and special appointment days because you lack knowledge about how the ancient calendar works.

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.”  – Proverbs 25:2


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