Rallying the Prayer Warriors for Syria

Scripture References:

Isaiah 17:1-3; Daniel 8:12; Acts 9:1-12; 2 Corinthians 10:4; Revelation 2:3; Acts 11:19-25

I’m not going to get political. I’ve kept up with the news about the situation in Syria through mainstream media and alternative news outlets, so I know that everything is not as it seems.  I was warned in the spirit not to link to those news sites that all point the finger at different sides and all different directions. However, I was told to put a call out to all the prayer warriors to pray and fast about what’s happening in Syria.  


The Weapons of Our Warfare

If you haven’t recognized that the forces of darkness are at work to take complete control over the areas that surround the land of Israel, then I lovingly say to you, “Wake Up!”  As the nations gather in that region with their physical weaponry and prepare for all out war, we as believers need to gear up for spiritual warfare for that area as well. You know that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty for the pulling down of strongholds. (2 Corinthians 10:4)

We can wage effective war without even boarding a plane by praying for:

  • The people of Syria
  • Syrian president Assad
  • Russian president Putin
  • Our U.S. president Trump   

Remember that Syria is the ancient land of Aram son of Shem. Isaiah 17 predicts the destruction of Damascus, which has been the primary city (if not the capital-I’m not sure if it has always been the capital) in that land for thousands of years.  However, there will be a remnant that comes out of that region. The passage in Isaiah 17:3 stated that the remnant of Aram there will be like the glory of the children of Israel. We know that Israel (true Israel) will be saved, and it appears that so will a remnant of people who are in Syria.


Pulling Down Strongholds

Don’t sleep on Turkey either. According to Revelation 2:3, Pergamum, which is believed to be located in northwest Turkey, was called out as the very seat of satan. Since when do powerful spirits leave regions that are known to be under their control.  They don’t. Don’t be fooled by new religions like Islam that have popped up in that region. Whatever name that they choose to hide behind, the movers and shakers in that region must do the bidding of the strongest spirit over that territory to keep moving and shaking.

In 1939, Turkey annexed the ancient city of Antioch, which used to belong to Syria originally.  This was a major center of Christianity during the days of the early church (Acts 11:19-25). As the early church watered down its teachings and mixed them with idolatrous ones, its power waned.  

The only way that a powerful spiritual entity will pack up and leave its traditional territory is if a more powerful spirit fights against it and forces it out.  I believe that is how America got blessed for so long. In 1607, a pastor under the direction of King James of England dropped anchor in what is now Virginia Beach, VA and dedicated the land to the Eloha of Jacob.  (BTW- James is the English form of Jacob- interesting isn’t?) Just like the Christian churches in the Middle East fell from grace years ago, America has forgotten its roots and has turned from the I Am of the bible.  The judgments that are outlined in the scriptures await it too.


Invitation to a Stronger Spirit to Take Control of the Region

Let’s come in agreement to…

  1. Pray against the spirit of anti-messiah that casts truth to the ground and tramples on it (Daniel 8:12).  
  2. Pray for Syrians to go back to their early church roots.  According to Acts 9, there was an underground church in Damascus, and there were enough Christians there to cause Saul of Tarsus to go through official Pharisaic/legal channels to have them arrested.  
  3. Pray that the Syrians be filled with the power of the Holy Ghost just as the early church members in that area were. In ancient Damascus, there was a disciple of Christ who was filled with the Holy Ghost; Ananias could hear the voice of the Master in visions. He could also perform healings.  Given the word of the Master, he could operate without fear even around enemies (Acts 9:10-17).

Countries from around the world have recently sent their armies to surround Syria, so it’s appropriate that our army goes over there too.  We know that it’s not a real party anyway until the Holy Ghost shows up!  The Syrian people are going through the fire right now, but fire refines. Tomorrow, some of them will shine.


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