I am soooo excited because I can see prophecy unfold at seemingly lightning speed but still not fast enough for me!!! My name isn’t really important for this blog, but just in case you want to address me in correspondence on the blog – I go by Katrina.   

Yahushua convicted me about 8 years ago because I was living a lie.  I stated that I was a Christian and believed in Jesus, but I was not following all the commandments that the Father gave us in Scripture.  I repented of my sins and asked Him to teach me how to follow Him.  He’s still teaching me!

Blog Mission

Before Yahushua ascended to His seat at Yahweh’s right hand, He told us to do a few things which have become the mission of this blog.

  • Watch & Pray
  • Be Not Deceived
  • Publicize The Gospel
  • Serve The Body Of Yahushua

Contact Info: ps115_1@yahoo.com


7 Responses to About

  1. Tony Prelec says:


    I too was living a lie and though I called myself a Christian for over ten years I didn’t know the real Savior and was not walking in the ways of the Father. Today, after never giving up , I now know Yahweh and Yeshua and though not perfect I walk in their ways and they have opened my eyes to the many deceptions of the modern world and it’s religions. Keep up the good work telling everyone about Yahweh and HIs plan of salvation for us through the Messiah.

  2. kalosfruit says:

    Akhoti! Many thanks for the Blogroll link (KnowHisName)! May his name be broadcast to the nations! HalaluwYaH!

    • lastwordgal says:

      Thanks for telling the truth about the Master’s name. Yahushua is the only name by which we are saved! Keep me and the brotherhood of believers in prayer.

  3. Michelle says:

    why cant you just say Jesus?

    • lastwordgal says:

      There are many reasons why I stopped using the name Jesus. Here are a couple…

      1.Because the name “Jesus” does not convey the Father’s name. From what I’ve studied, it is an English translation from the Greek transliteration Iesous. The scriptures indicate that there is power in the real name. The reason for the power is because Yahushua came in the Father’s name literally. In these last days you want the salvation of the Mighty One of Israel. The closest that we’ve come to the Father’s name is forms of Yah (Yahuwah, Yahweh and the closest I believe is Yehweh).

      2. The Hebrew Israelites were not part of the ruling world system. They were set apart by the Most High for His purposes. The Greeks and English (British) are a part of the world system that will be destroyed. When you study the image that Daniel saw – the belly of brass (Greece), legs and feet of iron (Roman-with its colony British…the sun never sets on the British empire), you see kingdoms that always held a remnant of the children of Israel captive. In fact, you would not be far off the mark to say that the captivity/subjugation of Judah was necessary for their kingdom to prosper. Using the Messiah’s Hebrew name indicates His purpose — to destroy the works of the devil and to eventually rule over the nations represented by the image with the Babylonian head of gold. He’s not returning to assimilate with the gentile culture of the Greeks and English so why should He have to take on their name instead of his given Hebrew name?

      Here are some links that may be useful if you really want to pursue truth on this subject.

      Thanks for taking the time to visit the site and comment.

  4. Ana Zafiu says:

    translated robotic
    Sabbath and holy days
    I see you’re alone, but you have not watched all methods of finding the biblical Sabbath. Since I do not know English I attach some articles. Can you answer that translated to the robot. Watch enamel.
    Sincerely, Ana Zafiu.

    • lastwordgal says:

      Hi Ana,
      I am not sure if you were trying to attach a document or link, but I didn’t receive anything if that was the case. Language barriers are tough, and translation software tools may miss the meaning of certain words and phrases. What is your native language? Did you have additional insight into Sabbath days and the appointed feast days that you wanted to share?

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