Testimony and Prayer Request

This is the resume that never made Careerbuilder…
I am a believer in Yah and his salvation Yahushua. I was called out of sin about 8 years ago and no longer lead a lifestyle of sin. At that time I did not know the true name of the Son so I was baptised in the name of jesus. As I was taught of the Father, He led me to His salvation and allowed me to search out His Son’s real name. By that time, I was pretty much isolated. By faith, I ended up baptising myself in a bathtub in the name of Yahushua. That was about a year ago.

The Growing Up Years

I was raised in a family that attended a large non denominational church in Virginia Beach, and I went to their church school. Home life was very strict. I often experienced belt beatings and threats of beatings for seemingly trivial things. There was always an atmosphere of fear (on my part),anger, and arguments. I became a people pleaser that excelled at my grade school studies. Everything looked fine to others on the outside looking in.
I remember staying at my grandmother’s house because I was too young to stay home by myself. Grandma’s house too was a spiritual disaster but in other ways. To put it bluntly – I was about nine years old when my 15 year old cousin felt me up. I knew what sex was having been told the mechanics of the process, but I did not know what led up to the act. Anyway, my drug addicted uncle saw this and roughly questioned me. I was fully clothed and he knew that I did not actually have sex. When I told him that I had not done anything, he said that if it were him instead of the cousin that he would have raped me. My mother was told of the incident. She thoroughly questioned and also knew that I had not had sex. I told her what my uncle said. She said that would not happen because my dad would kill him. She also told me not to tell my dad what had happened. Since I was so used to getting beatings for things that were not my fault, I did exactly what she said…like a dummy.
Anyway, I graduated at the top of my high school class (small pond though) and received an Air Force R.O.T.C scholarship. Before giving me the scholarship at age 18, I was put through a full physical exam by military medical doctors at Naval Station Oceana (the closest base to my home). They also knew that I was a virgin at the time and remarked about it. My dad who had driven me to my appointment seemed pleased to know that I was going to be an officer.

The Undergraduate Years

I attended Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago from 1993-1997. That was a dark period spiritually speaking. Since I never dated in high school, I really did not know how to conduct myself properly around men. I committed the sins of fornication and abortion, and I was on the road to hell fast. What made it worse was that I committed fornication with a very wicked man (I know pot calling the kettle black) who had been recruited by the freemasons. At the advice of a wise girlfriend at the time, I broke off contact him. I continue to pray for any soul ties to be broken in Yahushua’s name.

A.F. Days

This lifestyle of sin continued until 1999. Even though I was commissioned into the air force in 1997, I believe that they knew that I was not going to go very far. I was sent to Los Angeles air force base. While other new officers were assigned mentors, I was conveniently left out to fend for myself. I met someone that I married while working and attending graduate school. Neither one of us were virgins, but we agreed to make a fresh start with each other. We didn’t make it a year. I had not been unfaithful to him, but he suddenly wanted a divorce. Even after painfully asking him to reconsider, his heart had been hardened.
I left Los Angeles and active duty air force in August 2001 but not before discovering that my husband had jumped the gun and married someone else before our divorce was final. Again, I was unaware of the scriptures and that he should have given me a writing of divorcement. I did the paperwork for the divorce, and I got his signature before he moved out but since the filing cost money I waited until the last minute to file the paperwork.

Trials of A Regenerated Soul in Defense Contracting

I went back to Virginia and worked as a defense contractor. After this time, I guess word had gotten around that I was easy pickings for the devil. I was sexually harassed physically in the workplace by my general manager’s masonic brother. They let me know that I was being set up, and I eventually told the owner what happened. It wasn’t that they were trying to have some adulterous relationship; they just wanted to degrade or put me in my place. After telling, I was harassed in other ways and eventually they cooked up a scenario to fire me in 2006. BTW- I had just made some real estate purchases hoping that by those investments I could leave the corporate world for good.
The one good thing that came from the harassment was that I sincerely called on the Father, and He heard me. I asked Him why nothing was going right, and He told me to come out of sin. I repented of sins in and was baptised in 2004. That is when things really started to heat up!
After being fired, finances started to go downhill. I did eventually find a job but the company was purchased by another outfit after about six months of my working there. Defense contracting is a small world and my former employers had nothing good to say about me, and their brothers were in high places everywhere. I eventually received word that a defense contractor was hiring in Tampa, Florida so I sent my resume.
In the spring of 2007 until fall of 2010, I worked for special operations command at Macdill AFB in Tampa. I had begun to study the Word and was being taught of the Father. I was not liked-that’s a recurring life theme. It didn’t take long for their brotherhood to figure out who I was. I had always kept a secret security clearance, and I was not up for a re-evaluation. However, I was being investigated for some reason. That’s when my family conveniently told the unflattering information about the cousin episode.
They also had watched the transformation in me. I was no longer in sin and no one could feed off leading me into captivity through sin. The intelligence folks knew the truth but since I was not “liked” and had even started talking about righteousness, they leaked word to my co workers that I had sex with my cousin. I heard everything from “no wonder her husband left – she was cheating on him with her cousin” to “she must have slept with her cousin for drugs.” No one confronted me of course because the lie would unravel when I told them the truth and there were others in my family that were being protected by wickedness in high places through the freemasons-another recurring theme. Also, they (my co-workers) would have had to explain how they came by the information.
They harassed me to the point that the job was basically a useless waste of time. Because I had a graduate degree in a relevant discipline and military experience, I had come in on the top of the pay scale. I did not think anything of it since I had worked for it, and I had lost income before because of the manipulations of their brotherhood. However, it did matter to them. By that time, Yah had already given me peace about not working for them because I saw other satanic elements at work there. When the company that I worked for did not win the contract, I did not give the new contract winners my resume. I knew that if I had stayed their psyop programs would have killed me, and I was told this by a government engineer unofficially of course.

Recent Times

After working on an organic farm in north GA over the summer for room and board, I now write articles for a content provider online. I make very little money, but I am free through the truth that I’ve learned in the Word of Yah. I did not write this to blame family or their masonic connections. I should in fact thank them because if I had been allowed to live at ease in this world’s system I may not have heard the Father’s call.
I am spiritually free, but I face the same difficulties as everyone else. For instance, I missed my car insurance payments for lack of money so my license has been suspended. I was passing through Lilburn GA at the time, and I heard the master say where I would stop here. He was letting me know that He goes before me. I slept in my car in a parking lot and a police officer came and woke me up early in the morning. He ran my license and that’s when I found out that it was suspended. That was over two months ago. I don’t dare move the vehicle because he said according to GA law driving on a suspended license gets jail time. Because I have to eat and stay as clean as possible, it has taken a long time to earn the $155.00 license reinstatement fee. You are probably thinking – $155.00- she could fast for two weeks and save that amount of money. You would be right if I did not have to walk everywhere; that increases the appetite.
I write internet articles for money, but I also write this blog as a way to serve Yah. One place that I do not have to walk quite so far to get to is the library that has internet access. The library staff is ok about people coming in to use the internet access for article writing, but they seem to have a problem with the blog posts about Yahushua. They know what I write because the free access is monitored.  Again, after those spirits recognize me, they want me out. They’ll welcome anyone- drug dealers openly soliciting outside their doors, pagans, schizophrenics — but not me!!! They know that I’m the homeless woman living in her vehicle across the street. For a little while, the police said that as long as I caused no trouble that they would leave me alone to earn the money.  Now they drive by every day waking me up late night/early morning freezing cold to run my driver’s license and ask me the same question- when will I be leaving?
The latest is that the online bible resource that I used to obtain scripture references for this blog (King James Bible online.org) was blocked at the library. It was a blessing in disguise. I then searched, found, and posted a Restored Name version of the bible. I’m not asking for financial help but simply the prayer of true saints.
Thank Yah He did not leave me in the sinful state in which I was found.

10 Responses to Testimony and Prayer Request

  1. tony jefferson says:

    hello sister i to live in ga. if you need some help email me yah is good

    • lastwordgal says:

      Thank you, brother. Please just pray for right now; the Master Yahushua has me here for a reason.

    • ljordanmanning says:

      Just stumbled upon Lastwordgal’s blog and asked if she needed help. Have you heard from her? What have you found out? Is she alright?

      • lastwordgal says:

        I’m doing fine. The Master is leading me every step of the way. I am by no means comfortable, but this is not the time for physical comfort. He warned me a while ago that He would take me through some tests. We are on the cusp of something HUGE! Keep praying daily for all believers.

  2. lastwordgal says:

    Update…the library staff unblocked the King James Bible online.org after I posted this page! However, curiously enough they kept the non mainstream media news outlet strictlyhonest.com blocked. No matter, the real news comes from the good news of Yah’s Word. Yes, Tony- Yah is very good!!!!

    • ljordanmanning says:

      Hello Lastwordgal:

      Just stumbled upon your blog; I, too, am a believer in Yah. I agree with Agur in Iaushua’s Name daily. How are you now? Do you need help?

      • lastwordgal says:

        Thank you for asking about me. The more trials I go through, the more often I hear from the Master Yahushua. He’s made it clear to me that I’m being protected. Then I did my own stumbling upon someone’s blog endtimesrevelations.wordpress.com, and I’m starting to understand a little better about certain dreams that I had. The bottom line is that anyone that is in Yah is safe and those that are not are in for a very rude awakening. Check out their site; I’m still going through the many interesting posts that they have and I’m fully on the look out for any signs of false doctrine. The only thing that bothers me is that with all the insight and prophetic knowledge, they still call the Messiah by the greek rendering j-sus. But Yah knows everyone’s heart. After I called the Father Yah according to the scriptures Ps 68:4, I heard in the spirit the name pronounced to me as “Yehweh” as opposed to Yahweh. Anyway, He plans to rescue His people.

        Thanks again for offering help to a sister. Yah definitely sees the heart!

  3. ljordanmanning says:

    I echo Tony. If you need some help, email me.
    Lastwordgal, I am moved to say, Beware of stumbling blocks that appear as Temple Stones.
    You are in my prayers to IAUE; of course in Iaushua’s name. : )

    • Adolph John says:

      Past nearly been 2 months I have been waiting for my employment visa to come out from Ajman Free zone, UAE. Normally it take only 4 to 5 working days for the visa to come out , in my case every time some or some obstacles for the visa to come out. My previous visa has cancelled and my grace period is over , I have to pay fine for over stay , I am in such a situation neither I can travel nor I can stay here freely ,
      I humble request to you all please pray for me, for my visa to come out fast and join on duty soon.
      Brother in Christ
      Adolph john

  4. Doris says:

    I bow and Praise You Father Yahuveh, for all the love, goodness,mercy,knowledge,family, friends,Holy Trinity ,Health, provision Love You so much very THANKFUL ,GRATEFUL IN YAHUSHUA

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