Dreams And Visions

I don’t have significant dreams very often, but within the last 9 months or so I’ve had a couple.  Please note that I don’t watch T.V. and haven’t been to the movies in many years.

The first dream was about 6-9 months ago; I should have noted the exact date at the time but I didn’t.  The dream if you could call it that was just of me walking around a totally scorched city.  There were cracks in the ground but I recalled just looking up at fire blackened buildings.  I was not hurt or in pain; the only thing I could recall when I awoke was that I was looking around in utter amazement.

The second dream happened recently on 1/5/2012.

I heard there was a family gathering.  I had been lost or wandering.  I was encouraged to go to this place that was described as a “safe house.”  I went there and somehow I knew that it wasn’t truly safe; something didn’t appear right.  The person who told me it was safe was someone that was introduced as a relative.  (By the way no one in the dream looked like any of my family members.  However, in the dream I believed that they were supposed to be relatives of mine.)

When I realized something was wrong with the “safe house” location, I left in search of the real safe house.  I found my way to what appeared to be a store.  The store had at least one other employee; a woman with a red shirt standing behind a boothlike structure.  When I entered the store, it was a little warm, but I wasn’t uncomfortable because I had just come from outside where it was considerably chillier.  This woman, however, was very hot; she had taken off the bottom half of her clothes which couldn’t be seen behind the booth.  She said that I could do the same as she indicated that I was supposed to help process customers coming into the store.  I looked at her closely at that point and there was sweat dripping around her face.  I declined to remove any clothing; I was only a little uncomfortable, not enough for shedding clothes.

There was a small crowd of people going through the store’s line.  The experienced store clerk told me that she would help me process the people’s orders.  It seemed to be understood between the both of us that I would need help; I had the basic fundamentals to process the orders but still would need help.  (Note: It was very strange because I’ve worked a cash register before in retail years ago and there isn’t anything complicated about it.  This is why I know the dream was about more than ringing people up.)

I was only there for what seemed a very little while when the experienced store clerk said that this batch of people was the last batch to go through then we wouldn’t take any more orders.  I wondered how she had the authority to close the store at what seemed the middle of the store operating hours, but I didn’t say anything because I hadn’t asked when the store would normally be scheduled to close when I first got there.  I just kept working beside her.  She assured me this would be the last round of people.

Towards the end of the period there were people rushing to get into the store.  I could see commotion outside the store.  So I assumed that they were trying to get inside the store.  I was just getting the hang of ringing up people’s orders.  It was strange that I couldn’t pick it up as quickly as a normal cash register which I had operated before.  It seemed that I only rung up a few people, but the experienced store clerk processed orders quickly.  As her line ended she came to help me.

My last customer and the only one that I was allowed to remember with any clarity after the dream was an elderly lady.  She had three bar coded tickets on the counter, and she was paying with some sort of  credit card.  To process her order using her credit card, I had to punch in numbers in a key pad.  The key pad was in letters, however.  It required me to translate numbers to letters.  The older woman lent me a marker to make the deciphering easier.  The numbers equated to the letters spelling out the word “husband.”

After the code was broken, the experienced store clerk turned to me and asked if I understood, and I nodded my assent. I returned the older woman’s marker cap and asked if she needed her receipt.  She just smiled and took both from me.  She was the last to go through the line.  As the experienced store clerk had said, no more people would go through.  People came but the store clerk gave them a signal that the store was not taking customers.

The store was full of people that had gone through the line.  The store was glass and transparent.  We could see outside, and I  assumed that the people outside could see into the store. When the store stopped taking customers and the last batch of would be customers were turned away, there was a commotion outside the store.

I saw some people who were introduced to me as my relatives in the beginning of the dream; they had told me about the false safe house.  I saw them running.  It looked like one of them had been possessed by a spirit and would chase and devour the rest one by one like a game of “tag, you’re it.”

As I was inside the store, I watched as two close relatives (they had been friends before) turned.  The demon possessed man had apparently just been tagged.  He looked around for his “family members” who were outside the store.  He spotted one.  He was at a distance.  The other relative smiled and waved at first because he didn’t know what was going on.  He soon realized something was wrong and began to run.   He ran toward the store; I could see him running.  However, it was as if the store didn’t exist for him, and he had no destination.  The demon possessed relative immediately ran full speed toward the other relative who was a great distance from him; he ran faster than any human could run.  He bit the relative.  It seemed as if the bite imparted a spirit and the cycle continued outside the store.

I had a sense that all my real family was in the store.  Because of the tumult outside and the glass of the store, I wondered whether we were actually safe in the store.  But I remembered writing out the code from my last customer – “husband.”


I’ve been having a few more dreams lately. I had been praying about elements of the dream about the “store.” Since we are in the season of Teshuvah, I wanted to make sure that I’ve repented of everything of which I’m aware to repent.

One of the elements of the dream about the “store” was that the spirit that was in the store had on a red shirt. I believe that this symbolized the blood of Yahushua. It bothered me that I didn’t shed my own clothes in the dream, and I didn’t remember if I had been given the store’s red shirt. I prayed about it. In answer to the prayer I was given another dream on 8/22/2012…

I saw a couple at a short distance that was talking to an older woman. The older woman was playfully wearing the bride’s veil and gleefully rejoicing that the wedding was about to take place just as a mother of a bride would. The bride said yes it’s about to take place.

I also saw people above me moving on what looked like a slow moving escalator/conveyor belt. These people were shining brightly and looking down on me smiling. I too was on an escalator that was inclined toward them. I was able to look down at my clothes enough to realize that I Had On The Red Shirt!!! Remembering it makes me smile with joy!! I also noticed that I was dressed for a ceremony. I had on heels (I never wear heels without it being an occasion).

While the people on the slow moving conveyor belt were moving without effort and shining, I was on the conveyor belt on an incline running toward them.


I documented this dream in the “Days of Thunder and Lighning” post in July 2015.  However, I thought that I would copy in the Dreams and Vision section so that if anyone wanted to see it, they would not have to search for that particular post.  BTW- the dream was given to me during the summer of 2012.


When I was working on a farm in the north Georgia mountains (before being led south toward Atlanta), I had a distinct dream that I did not record on the blog until now.  I told two people about the dream right after it was given to me – their names are Ya’acov and Colleen.  They were a couple who were introduced to me by the farmers for whom I worked.  Here is the dream.

I was imprisoned alone within an old house, and the doors were bolted shut; I could not get out.  Outside people were calling me names, jeering at me and generally making fun of me.  Then a rock appeared in my hand, and when I tossed the rock at the door, it opened.  Outside the old prison house, I saw two benevolent looking people circling the prison house on bicycles.  They looked like adults, but they acted like children. They were waiting for my release.  I also saw a bus packed with people, and a driver who was smiling.  Most of the people on the bus were still calling me names, but a few were beckoning me to board the bus with them.  I saw that the driver was trying to start the bus, but the bus would not start.  He kept cranking the ignition, but the vehicle was clearly not going anywhere. I left on foot with the two who were waiting for me on bicycles.

At the time of the dream, I had no idea what was being communicated to me.  I still had a car at the time; I am now on foot.  When I came to Atlanta, certain elements of the dream became much clearer. For instance, the devil almost immediately stirred up his people to trash me coming and going.  Although I had never been in their towns before, these people acted as if they knew me well and spread gossip like experts.  I realized that the prison house was their exaggerated gossip and outright lies, and the chains that were on the door were the sins of my youth that I actually did commit and for which I had repented years ago.  I was alone in the prison house until the rock appeared in my hand; I believe that the rock represented the Master Yahushua.  Only He could get through the locked door and open it for me.  I also started hearing whispers about an exodus of sorts when I came to a certain suburb of Atlanta.  I believe that many people in and around the town know about this vehicle or Luftwaffe as they called it but have been told not to talk about it or they will lose their place on board.  I, however, can communicate about it freely because I have no intention of joining the heathen on their broken magic carpet.


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